Rockwell Updates Allen-Bradley VersaView 5200 Thin Clients

With many applications on multiple displays throughout a plant floor, manufacturers struggle to manage numerous sources of content. The newly expanded portfolio of Allen-Bradley VersaView 5200 thin clients from Rockwell Automation using ThinManager software is intended to help manufacturers more easily manage their applications.

The expanded VersaView 5200 portfolio includes five thin clients: single display, dual display, dual 4K display, multi 4K display and integrated display. The multi 4K is the first in the industry to offer seven displays and is exclusively supported by ThinManager software.

The single display offers a design with a single DisplayPort video output. The dual 4K display includes a quad core Intel Atom CPU for more demanding applications. The multi 4K display offers a quad core Intel i5 CPU for applications requiring multiple displays.

The VersaView 5200 non-display thin client options are ideal for use with VersaView 5100 monitors. This two-piece solution separates the monitor and thin client, so either can be replaced independently.

The VersaView 5200 thin clients are designed to be used exclusively with ThinManager software. The software centrally manages content and visualization for every aspect of modern industrial operations. The location-based Relevance technology from Rockwell Automation can deliver targeted content based on role and location.

When used with the ThinManager software, the VersaView 5200 thin clients can start receiving information as soon as they are plugged in. Device configuration is not needed, resulting in faster device replacement. Information is stored on a server to help protect sensitive information. The ThinManager software also provides multifactor user authentication, including biometric authentication using fingerprint scanning.

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