Rocket Mavericks Uses EpiGrid VDI Cloud Computing

Thomas Atchison, Founder Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation

Thomas Atchison, Founder Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation

“It was exciting to work with the Rocket Mavericks,” said Chad Garrish, EpiGrid chief technology officer. “Sure the rockets made it more interesting, but their design challenges are the same that many companies face – working with distributed teams, meeting tight deadlines, and accommodating peak compute requirements. EpiGrid enables companies to speed product development and increase collaboration with the use of cloud computing for their engineering applications.”

Rocket Mavericks is officially named the Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, a non-profit organization created to combine the resources of academia, amateur rocket enthusiasts, and professionals — with the goal of bringing space exploration to the masses.

“It isn’t practical to have one team create the whole rocket design on their own,” said Thomas Atchison, founder of Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation. “It is more practical to learn from the efforts of others and to collaborate when possible using the work and success accomplished by others. The desire is to create an open source style community for space exploration vehicles and technology so that we can leverage the experience of contributors while fostering the open exchange of design information. Design and engineering teams focus on certain elements of the rocket design. Creating the final product is truly a collaborative effort.”

Mavericks is made up of design teams from around the world. Nearly fifty individuals residing in dozens of locations around the globe made up the several design teams that comprise the Mavericks organization. Teams from universities in Cambridge and Oxford, England must collaborate with teams from Stanford University in California. Engineers from Canada need to coordinate their design and analysis work with engineers in the United States. Teams are organized around functional elements of the rocket such as Payload Management Systems, Propulsion, Stabilization and Trajectory Analysis and of course Mechanical Structure design.

To accommodate this worldwide collaborative of engineers, scientists, designers and rocket experts while dealing with the monumental computational and IT challenges, Mavericks decided to look to cloud computing and virtual desktops.

Using EpiGrid’s flexible, scalable and secure private cloud environment, the Mavericks accelerated rocket design and validation. Meet the aggressive timelines and computational demands of Mavericks’ simulation, analysis, and design data collaboration.

EpiGrid enables engineering computing from anywhere and from any device. With EpiGrid, companies no longer need on-site IT or application administration, which saves time and money along with giving them more control. EpiGrid uses a private cloud implementation to provide the performance needed, the security required and a predictable cost structure. To provide fast and consistent GPU performance that is comparable or better to on-premise workstations, EpiGrid’s VDIs feature the FirePro line of GPUs from AMD.

EpiGrid provides the following hosting and application management services:

  • VDI hosting on a private cloud for increased value, control and security
  • VDI on-premise cloud hardware for VDI functionality within your firewall
  • Hybrid-computing, blending cloud and on-premise computing when required
  • GPU computing from AMD for the best visual graphic performance/experience
  • Managed IT services for network and OS management, including Windows 10 support
  • Managed application services for SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS PDM, ProEngineer, Driveworks and others

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About Epigrid 

EpiGrid enables cloud computing for engineering applications with VDI access from anywhere from any device, including thin clients. EpiGrid deployments are implemented with a private cloud. A private cloud offers control, security, and persistence which gives the user a regular desktop experience. Cloud computing combined with on-premise computing, EpiGrid can deliver a hybrid, seamless engineering computing environment that is reliable, secure, economical, and optimized.

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