RIFTEK Announces Triangulation Laser Sensor RF602 Series

RIFTEK LLC has announced a new device Triangulation Laser Sensor RF602 Series. The distinctive feature of the sensors is a combination of ultra-compact design (45×30,5×17 cm), high sampling rate and linearity. As usual, sensors are available with RED (660 nm) and BLUE (405 or 450 nm) lasers.

The main features of the sensors:

  • Base distance/measurement range, mm 20/10  |  20/25  |  30/50  |  50/100  |  65/250  |  105/500
  • Linearity from ±0,05%
  • Resolution 0,01% of the range
  • Temperature drift  0,02% of the range/°С
  • Max. sampling frequency   9400 Hz
  • Light source red semiconductor laser, 660 nm wavelength or UV semiconductor laser 405 nm wavelength (BLUE version)
  • Output power    ≤0,95 mW
  • Laser safety Class 2  (IEC60825-1)
  • Output interface:
    digital  RS232 (max. 460,8 kbit/s) or RS485 (max. 460,8 kbit/s)
    analog  4…20 mA (≤ 500 Ω load) or 0…10 V
  • Weight 40 g

We have also expanded the possibilities of communication with all Triangulation Sensors RF60x Series. Namely, now it is possible to communicate with sensors through

  • Modbus RTU protocol and
  • CANopen protocol

and to use

  • standard binary format data or
  • ASCII format.

Besides of that they have implemented

  • new type of sensors mutual synchronization. Such synchronization is very useful for thickness measurements and other type of multi-coordinate systems,
  • encoder inputs (AL and IN lines mode) for working with quadrature signals from encoders.

All these new functions are controlled by new service software that is available on their website www.riftek.com together with the Manual for RF602 Sensors.

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