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LA JOLLA, CA, Feb 2, 2018 – 2018 for SOLIDWORKS is a reverse engineering application, fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS. Users can easily process point clouds, hard probe, and 3D laser scan directly in SOLIDWORKS. Tube measure and quick settings tooling dialog are two features new to the software.

Football helmet maker uses and SolidWorks software to shape product line (Photo: Business Wire)

“Engineers and product designers often struggle with the management of large 3D point clouds from 3D scanners. addresses those problems and provides specific tools to simplify workflow in real time,” said Braxton Carter, CEO,, HighRES, Inc.

Tube Measure

Quickly create a pipe or tube by sweeping a circle along an automatically generated path. Measure manifolds and add the bends in afterwards. Tube measure reduces time to model complex tubes and makes it more accurate than previous modeling methods.

Hard Probe Tooling Alignment

Quick tool alignments have been consolidated with probe compensation. Hard probe direct to a drawing for inspection or dimensioning in real time.

Exceptional Support

With for SOLIDWORKS, users get support from an experienced team who have been supporting complex reverse engineering applications for over 21 years. supports multiple portable CMMs including Faro arms, MicroScribe, Romer arms, Kreon arms, BIG 3D Creator Optical Tracker, Faro Focus, and stand-alone point clouds.

New capabilities and enhancements include:

  • No wait time when processing gigabytes of point cloud scan data with Voxel thinning.
  • Automatic function generates profile curves through a point cloud allowing users to define and order equal number and spacing of points for parametric spline creation.
  • Enhanced lock plane simplifies your work flow, users can define point to plane snap tolerance capture with a hard probe or 3D scanner.
  • for SOLIDWORKS includes a standalone Integrated Point Cloud module that doesn’t require a SOLIDWORKS license to visualize points, hard probe or laser scan.


Developed by HighRES, Inc., is Windows-based Reverse Engineering CAD/CAM software for multi-cad add-ins, privately owned and founded in 1996, HighRES, Inc provides reverse engineering solutions for military, education, mold making, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products and centrifugal pump parts. HighRES, Inc is a 3D scanning and imaging service provider.

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