Quark IOE, Cumulocity Partner for IoT

cumulocity-big-logoBEIJING, China, Jan 23, 2017 – Quark IOE, a subsidiary of Guangdong Eastone Century Technology Co Ltd and Cumulocity, the leading internet of things (IoT) software platform provider, enter a strategic partnership to deliver IoT solutions in mainland China and Taiwan.

The partnership combines the capabilities of Cumulocity’s advanced IoT platform and Quark IOE’s extensive enterprise communications expertise to form the best of breed IoT solutions environment for China. The combined capabilities allow Quark IOE’s customers to benefit from: rapid machine, sensor and device integration and data collection; real-time analytics for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and supply chain automation; comprehensive device management and remote control; vertical application configurable real-time dashboards; and enterprise IT integration micro-services.

In China, the internet of things (IoT) technologies and Industry 4.0 practices are mirroring the same rapid adoption as their earlier generation techniques. A recent report from the GSMA, the global mobile operator industry association, stated that China is fast becoming a global leader in adopting IoT technologies due to strong government support and substantial private investment. China’s IoT deployments are growing rapidly and deliver real change across its economy.

Guangdong Eastone Century Technology (Eastone) is one of China’s leading solution providers for high-tech enterprises. Through its many subsidiaries, it focuses on providing wireless, core and transmission construction, integration and optimization services for telecommunication operators and original equipment manufacturers. Quark IOE harnesses all the networking expertise gained across the Eastone businesses to solve their customers IoT and enterprise digitization challenges. Eastone already has wide experience in IoT with a range of high quality multi-functional remotely controlled PLC’s.

The “Quark IOE Platform” will be jointly developed by both Quark IOE and Cumulocity specifically for the Chinese market. The partnership allows Quark IOE to benefit from the continuous evolution of Cumulocity’s leading IoT platform and focus on local market requirements through the development of customer plug-ins, vertical applications, complementary IT system integration and local operations and support. Exclusivity for the Chinese market provides both parties with a solid foundation for the partnership’s success.

“We are delighted to have an exclusive partnership with Cumulocity to extend its market leading IoT platform and assist Chinese enterprises in their digital transformations. The combination of Cumulocity, Quark IOE and the breadth of Eastone organisations provides enterprises with not only the experience of what is important to each local vertical market, but also the technical capability to overcome challenges and realize opportunities thoroughly.” said Xiao Li, CEO Quark IOE.

“In Quark IOE and Eastone we have found very strong strategic partners to exploit the enormous opportunities the Chinese market holds for the Internet of Things, powered by the world’s leading IoT software platform. The combination of Quark IOE’s considerable local technical and Go-to-Market expertise allows the vast Chinese market to build IoT solutions rapidly, securely and reliability.” said Bernd Gross, CEO Cumulocity.

About Quark IOE

Quark IOE is an innovative IoT solutions and service provider in China. Quark IOE is a subsidiary of the leading Chinese telecommunications provider Guangdong Eastone Century Technology Co Ltd (300310:Shenzhen) and was founded in 2016 to catalyse Eastone’s expertise in the internet of things (IoT). The company delivers a one-stop IoT solution for customers managing their connected devices, exploiting big data and successfully realizing business transformations. With professional service teams across China, Quark IOE develops IoT applications and solutions for a wide range of vertical markets rapidly and efficiently.

About Cumulocity

Cumulocity is the leading independent application and device management software platform for the internet-of-things (IoT) since 2010. Cumulocity is an open platform that provides a complete feature set for rapidly deploying IoT solutions. The key features include data collection and storage, real-time analytics, real-time visualization and IoT device management. Their open and publicly documented APIs and the open UI framework, enable their partners and customers to configure and extend the platform to their unique needs.

Scalability, security and reliability are critical in IoT solutions and our origins as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world’s mobile broadband specialist, gives us the experience of securely managing millions of devices without service interruptions. Cumulocity can be deployed in a cloud and on-premise and enables enterprises to start small and scale out to millions of devices with the deployment model fit for their business. Today Cumulocity software is operated in more than 20 data centers across 5 continents.

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