QuadriSpace Releases Document3D Suite 2020

ALLEN, TX, July 30, 2019 – QuadriSpace announced the immediate availability of Document3D Suite 2020. The suite includes Pages3D for technical documentation and Publisher3D for technical illustrations, both available separately as well. The software repurposes 3D CAD files and associated data to more rapidly create manufacturing documentation and graphics. The 2020 version of the software boasts new, modern icons and is packed full of customer requested features that will streamline the creation of catalogs, instructions and manuals while providing new and powerful delivery possibilities.

“The 2020 release makes it easy for anyone to create manufacturing documentation from existing 3D CAD files,” states Brian Roberts, president, “Not only does this release introduce new efficiency tools but it adds powerful new features and upgrades that will improve the quality and flexibility of technical communication throughout the manufacturing process.”

The 2020 release includes a Modernized User Interface with new Modern Icons. While the overall look and feel is updated, the ribbon layout is unchanged so that users of previous versions will be immediately familiar, and no new training is necessary.

Document3D Suite 2020 introduces numerous time-saving features. Selection Sets can be used to organize a subset of parts for easy multi-part selection during authoring. Also, a new time-saving capability enables users to Apply Commands to Selected Illustrations to more rapidly modify or update multiple illustrations with a single instruction.

This release includes new tools for managing Individual Illustration Sizes. Users can set illustrations sizes that best fit the specific 3D viewpoint and user created markups. When publishing to graphics, each raster or vector file will be sized appropriately eliminating the need to crop imagery after publishing. Illustration sizes are visually indicated by new illustration borders so that any cropping problem can be discovered before publishing.

Raster image publishing upgrades enable the publishing of raster and vector images with Transparent Backgrounds. These graphics are easy to include with Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Adobe Illustrator graphics. Further, Vector Publishing Performance and Quality Improvements enable the creation of meticulously detailed SVG, EPS, PS and PDF technical graphics.

For the first time, PDF Documents with Embedded Vector Graphics of 3D models can be published from a single application that includes both page design and 3D tools. The results are professional and precise. This single application approach, enabled by Pages3D, is streamlined compared to creating, embedding and maintaining hundreds of vector files with ad hoc inclusion in Word or InDesign.

Finally, upgrades to Importers and Exporters for SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Solid Edge provide robust support for detailed 3D CAD data often missing from less-dedicated products. Solid Edge support now includes custom sections created in the 3D CAD tool.

For more information on QuadriSpace technical publishing products and online 3D delivery solutions, visit www.quadrispace.com.

About QuadriSpace Corp.

QuadriSpace Corp. provides leading software, server and cloud services that enable easy reuse of 3D CAD models and metadata for technical documentation authoring and delivery. The software enables the easy creation of technical illustrations and documentation that can be distributed to others directly through print, 3D PDF or online using Powered by Share3D technology for HTML5-based web delivery. Founded in 2001 to help companies reuse informative 3D models, QuadriSpace solutions have a tremendous impact on productivity, time-to-market and communication effectiveness worldwide.

For more information, visit www.quadrispace.com.

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