QuadriSpace Releases Document3D Suite 2017

ALLEN, TX, Apr 28, 2017 – Today, QuadriSpace announced the immediate availability of Document3D Suite 2017. The suite includes Pages3D for technical documentation and Publisher3D for technical illustrations. The products leverage 3D CAD files and associated data to more rapidly create better manufacturing documents. Based on the most popular customer requests, the 2017 version of the software is packed full of new features that will streamline the creation of catalogs, instructions and manuals while providing new and powerful HTML5 delivery options.

View the video summary of new 2017 features here: http://www.quadrispace.com/videos/215100866

“Our 2017 release is a major step forward for manufacturing documentation based on 3D CAD,” states Brian Roberts, president, “Not only does the release introduce universal HTML5 delivery possibilities but it adds powerful new features and upgrades that will save time and improve catalogs and instructions across the board.

With the 2017 version of the software, customers can directly publish HTML5 files based on Powered by Share3D technology. The technology makes it easy to share interactive 3D on modern browsers and across modern devices with no plug-in requirements. The new features support the creation of HTML5 content suitable for inclusion in most web environments, or a single-file HTML5 file that can be shared by email or offline. In addition to these two new HTML5 publishing options, QuadriSpace continues to offer Share3D Cloud Services for online hosting and team collaboration and Share3D On-Premise Server for service and dealer portals. All HTML5 delivery options are compatible with custom documentation created with Pages3D and template-based documents created with Publisher3D.

Another new feature, part list hyperlinks, will strongly benefit part catalog production. Today’s assemblies are often complex and large. Using hyperlinks, part catalog documentation can provide simpler top-level part lists that allow viewers to “drill-down” into the large assembly to find the exact part that they are looking for. Another use of part list hyperlinks is to link from a part table to an external source of additional information; for example, a vendor’s data sheet or a separate assembly document.

Building on the part table hyperlinking features, the Pages3D software includes new wizard options based on page templates that will automatically create individual pages for subassemblies and add hyperlinks to the top-level parts list. This makes it possible to create robust part catalog drill-down documentation with as few authoring steps as possible.

Additional new features in 2017 include font and paragraph styles, a table of contents feature and new mobile and HD templates.

For more information on QuadriSpace technical publishing products and online 3D delivery solutions, visit http://www.quadrispace.com.

About QuadriSpace Corp.

QuadriSpace Corp. provides leading software, server and cloud services that enable easy reuse of 3D CAD models and metadata for technical documentation authoring and delivery. Our software enables the easy creation of content that can be distributed to others directly through print, by 3D PDF or online using “Powered by Share3D” solutions for HTML5-based documentation delivery. Founded in 2001 to help companies reuse informative 3D models, QuadriSpace solutions have a tremendous impact on productivity, time-to-market and communication effectiveness worldwide.

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