QuadriSpace Announces Document3D Suite 2022

ALLEN, TX, Sep 28, 2021 – QuadriSpace announced the immediate availability of Document3D Suite 2022. This update includes compelling new features and updates based on customer feedback. The suite includes Pages3D for technical documentation and Publisher3D for technical illustrations, both products are available separately as well. The software repurposes 3D CAD files and associated data to for the rapid creation of technical documentation and graphics. The 2022 release includes a number of major features.

The latest release includes a Detail View Markup capability. This allows users to create illustrations that include an embedded and zoomed view of the 3D model to show further details relevant to the graphical intent. In this way, the illustration can convey both spatial information and highly detailed information in a single graphical image.

“The 2022 release is a major step forward for our technical publishing software,” states Brian Roberts, president, “this release is focused on both new time-saving tools and powerful capabilities; all wrapped up into the easy user experience that customers have come to expect from QuadriSpace.”

Another highly requested feature included in 2022 is the ability to add hyperlinks to text boxes. These hyperlinks can initiate one of many actions, from as simple as basic hyperlinks to external Web pages, to animating through an interactive 3D instruction on the document page. Pages3D users will also benefit from table of contents upgrades and custom part table graphical editing.

Those working with large complex 3D models will benefit from new part filter tools which will make it easy to sort and identify parts that meet certain user-defined criteria. Further, users can now designate subassemblies as weldments which will virtually lock the parts together to behave as a single part.New support for importing and exporting part metadata from Excel provides seamless access to ERP and PLM data for part catalogs and part information useful for instruction sets.

To explore a robust listing of new features introduced in the 2022 version and to download a trial, please learn more here: http://quadrispace.com/products/whats_new_2022.

About QuadriSpace Corp.

QuadriSpace Corp. provides leading software, server and cloud services that enable easy reuse of 3D CAD models and metadata for technical documentation authoring and delivery. The software enables the easy creation of technical illustrations and documentation that can be distributed to others directly through print, 3D PDF and HTML standards. Optionally interactive documents can be distributed online using the Share3D hosted service. Founded in 2001 to help companies reuse informative 3D models, QuadriSpace solutions have a tremendous impact on productivity, time-to-market and communication effectiveness worldwide.

For more information on QuadriSpace technical publishing products and online 3D delivery solutions, visit www.quadrispace.com.

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