PWR Advanced Cooling Selects Velo3D

CAMPBELL, CA, Oct 2, 2019 – Velo3D, an innovator in metal additive manufacturing (AM), has entered into a collaborative partnership with PWR for material development for the Sapphire 3D metal printer and serial manufacturing of state-of-the-art heat exchangers. With bases in Australia, the USA and the UK, PWR is a globally renowned supplier of cooling solutions to F1, NASCAR and other racing series—as well as the custom-automotive OEM, military and aerospace industries.

The Velo3D and PWR collaboration sets a new standard in heat-transfer parts for racing and industrial cooling applications. PWR will have the first production Sapphire machine in the Asia Pacific region. The two companies will collaborate on aluminum alloy designs with thinner and more-complex heat exchange features and best-in-class surface finishes.

“PWR chose Velo3D after extensive testing,” says Matthew Bryson, general manager, engineering, for PWR. “The Velo3D Sapphire printer demonstrated the ability to produce class-leading thin-wall capabilities and high-quality surfaces with zero porosity. Velo3D and PWR share a passion for pushing the limits of technology to deliver truly disruptive, class-leading, products. We are a natural fit and look forward to building a strong partnership going forward.

“Heat exchanger weight and pressure-drop characteristics have a huge impact on performance and are significant factors in all motorsport categories,” he says. “Using additive manufacturing to print lightweight structures, enhancing performance with freedom-of-design, we have the ability to further optimize these characteristics to the customer’s requirements whilst providing the necessary cooling. The broad design capabilities and extremely high print accuracy of the Velo3DSapphire 3D metal printer will help us optimize these various performance attributes.”

“Our expanding relationship with PWR will be one of innovation and new performance benchmarks in heat exchangers,” says Benny Buller, founder and CEO of Velo3D. “PWR’s history of high-quality products, world-class design and testing, and customer success in the grueling environments of motorsport, make our joint endeavor an especially exciting one. We created Velo3D to help industrial end-users of 3D metal printing truly realize geometric freedom. We know that our technology can help PWR meet new and evolving design goals in ultra-thin-wall cooling structures.”

The economic benefits that the Sapphire system unlocks include increased revenue streams from new, highly innovative designs; the manufacture of customized parts in higher volumes; and the efficient use of additive manufacturing for direct part replacement (AM without DfAM).

About Velo3D

Velo3D empowers companies to manufacture anything. By bringing together a full-stack solution incorporating innovations in software, hardware, and process control, Velo3D introduced the SupportFree capability for 3D metal printing, enabling unlimited design innovation by reducing the need for support structures in metal additive manufacturing. The company’s Sapphire System is built with a semiconductor mindset on quality assurance, ensuring repeatability and dependability throughout serial manufacturing. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Velo3Dhelps companies deliver immediate business impact by making the impossible, possible.

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About PWR Advanced Cooling Technology

Across an ever-expanding portfolio inclusive of motorsport, aerospace, cold plate, battery cell, OEM supply and automotive upgrade, PWR is recognized as a world leader in cooling technology design and manufacture.

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