ProtoTech to Offer WebGL Exporter for Onshape

ProtoTechSolutions _logoPUNE, India, Mar 22, 2016 – ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd – a custom CAD/CAM/CAE software development company will present their product WebGL Exporter App for Onshape at Develop3DLive conference to be held in Warick, UK on March 31, 2016. We will demonstrate how to export Onshape models to highly portable WebGL format at the Onshape booth.


Image on left shows an assembly model in Onshape. Image on right is that of .html file exported by ProtoTech’s WebGL Exporter opened in Google Chrome browser.

ProtoTech is a pioneer in Onshape app development. It’s one of the first companies to develop full cloud apps and has made them available on the Onshape App store.

ProtoTech’s WebGL Exporter has the ability to convert Onshape models to a very high fidelity WebGL (.HTML) file. This app is available on Onshape App store and you can try it for free. The biggest advantage of WebGL Exporter app is that, it is fully integrated cloud app. It runs inside Onshape environment giving users a seamless experience. Also, WebGL Exporter app runs on it’s own cloud and there is no desktop component involved. This integration style is arguably the best way to leverage Onshape framework.

The billing model is ‘pay-per-use’ and hence very convenient and economical too. For more details about their app, please visit product page at

About Onshape

Onshape is the first full cloud 3D CAD system which runs in a web browser and on any mobile device. With Onshape, you can instantly share documents and simultaneously work with your peers. It streamlines data management with builtin version control.

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About ProtoTech Solutions

ProtoTech Solutions is a leading custom software development company in areas of CAD, CAM and CAE and have decades of man years of experience in developing engineering applications around 3D visualization and Interoperability. ProtoTech has expertise in Solid Modeler programming (ACIS, Granite, Parasolid ), 3D Graphics (DirectX, HOOPS, OpenGL) and User Interface (MFC, Qt).

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