ProtoTech Launches ‘OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge’

PUNE, India, Oct 4, 2018 – ProtoTech Solutions launched a new product OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge, a plug-in to export Solid Edge model to OBJ file format. OBJ format is a simple data-format that represents 3D geometry and material e.g. texture and color data etc.

The main features of OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge are

  • There is an option to control the file size and quality by specifying the facet tolerance and precision value. Increasing facet tolerance and precision value will increase the fineness and accuracy of the model as well as the file size.
  • Exports Assembly (.asm) and Part (.par) files.
  • Exports Sheet Metals and Frame components.
  • Allows user to export only selected entities.
  • Exported obj file supports colors and textures.
  • Our plugin exports transparency in OBJ as well. Feature of transparency gives better viewing experience.
  • User can export OBJ model flipped or swapped along X, Y and Z axis or a combination.

How the product works?

OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge is very easy to use.  Their plug-in comprises of 3 buttons,
Export, Preferences, About Us.

Fig 1. Ribbon bar menu of Plug-in

  • Export: Export button is to start the process of exporting your Solid Edge model to OBJ file
  • Preferences: Preferences buttons opens up a dialog box which allows user to manipulate settings for exporting model.

Fig 2. Preferences dialog box

  • About Us: About Us dialog box shows Product information, licensing details and contact information of technical support.

Fig 3. About Us dialog box

Why to use OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge?

The OBJ file format is one of the most ubiquitous formats in 3D printing and 3D graphics applications. It is the preferred format for multi-color 3D printing and is widely used as a neutral interchange format for non-animated 3D models in graphics applications.

Solid Edge doesn’t have OBJ export option by default. So ProtoTech has developed a plugin to export OBJ files from Solid Edge.

About ProtoTech Solutions

ProtoTech is a custom software solutions company with skills in

  • Development of 2D/3D based engineering applications
  • 3D Visualization on – desktop/mobile/Web
  • Engineering 3D file formats & 3D data interoperability
  • Engineering apps development
  • AR/VR development
  • Quality assurance/game testing services
  • 3D CAD plug-in development on Autodesk/SOLIDWORKS/Creo platforms

For more information on OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge, please visit here

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