Project Atlas Releases Mapping Engine Production Version

For Construction

“We are excited to finally release Project Atlas to the industry, to work with project teams around the world, and to provide fun and innovative tools to the construction industry.” – Joe Williams, CEO & founder, Project Atlas. “By using a mapping engine, we’ve opened up a whole new way to visualize project information.”

Released three years to the day since the concept was first pitched to the industry, Project Atlas was built by construction professionals with feedback from across the industry. With pricing plans based on project volume, there is the opportunity for any sized company to implement this application easily on any project. A single license gives the entire project team (owner, designers, contractors, and suppliers) access to all of the functionality in Project Atlas.

Features include the ability to instantly overlay multiple disciplines at once and quickly shift overlays up or down a level with the click of the elevator button; a powerful search engine to be able to find specific documents, markers, or locations on your project; GPS-enabled positioning to help users find their current location on a jobsite; as well as a device “handoff” feature that allows users to quickly switch from desktop to mobile without missing a beat.

“We created a totally new tool for today’s connected construction worker. We’ve never had a map of our projects before. But even though it’s a new tool, Project Atlas makes it so easy to quickly get access to information whether you’re in the office or in the field.” says Todd Wynne, COO & founder, Project Atlas.

Project Atlas has already built powerful integrations for incorporating map and satellite data from Mapbox, drone imagery from DroneDeploy, and BIM data from Autodesk Revit. Future integrations with Procore, Fieldlens, and Bluebeam promise to bring even more data to the platform and enable users to visualize information from multiple sources in a single interface.

The application is available on any system that has a Web browser, but phone and tablet apps can also be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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