PREMO Announces 3DC14EMR-ULP Series of 3D Antenna Coil

PREMO, a manufacturer of inductive components, announced the 3DC14EMR-ULP series, a 3D antenna coil.

The 1.65mm height target has been the biggest challenge during the last 2 years.  It was achieved by a joint ecosystem development effort between BQ, UC3M University and Premo. The entire project was under the scope of a CDTI-Spain (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) research project called ASUMP.

This is a sensor with a 12mm x 14mm footprint and a 1.65mm maximum height that is able to be integrated into ultra-thin devices such as SmartCard-type key fobs, traditional automotive key fobs, special miniaturized key fobs (sport keys), Smartphones (to be used as a digital key with the same user experience of current PKE access), and other devices such as hand-held controllers where EMMT (electromagnetic motion tracking technology) is used for 6DoF applications.

With the 3DC14EMR-ULP family, it is possible to “float” the coil in the PCB resulting in a true height of less than 1mm with a standard 0.6mm-1mm thick PCB.

For more information, visit PREMO website.

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