Predictive Engineering Offers LS-DYNA MPP Windows Interface

predictive-engineering-logoPORTLAND, OR, June 10, 2015 – Predictive Engineering offers downloads of their LS-DYNA MPP Windows Interface. It is based upon the excellent functionality of LSTC’s LS-DYNA Program Manager (SMP). Predictive Engineering built this for their own LS-DYNA consulting project work and they realized others may enjoy it also.

picture from Predictive Engineering website)

The program is available for free download, and allows the user to: run LS-DYNA jobs easily by clicking on file names and not worrying about “spaces”; direct the output; pick any solver via a Windows dialog; rerun jobs with a click; save analysis scripts to Windows auto-execute bat files; set Windows affinity; advanced file options for LS-DYNA; separate entry of extra MPI and LS-DYNA commands; ability to set LS-DYNA license environment variables within the MPI program; restart jobs; use all the SMP CTRL-C switches with the click of a button.

About Predictive Engineering

Since 1995, Predictive Engineering has continually expanded its client base. Their clients include many large organizations and industry leaders such as SpaceX, Nike, General Electric, Navistar, FLIR Systems, Sierra Nevada Corp, Georgia-Pacific, Intel, Messier-Dowty and more. Over the years, Predictive Engineering has successfully completed more than 800 projects, and has set itself apart on its strong FEA, CFD and LS-DYNA consulting services. For more information, visit:

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