Power Surfacing/Power Surfacing RE v4 Released for SOLIDWORKS

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 14, 2017 – nPower Software / IntegrityWare, Inc. announces the release of version 4 of its award winning products – Power Surfacing / Power Surfacing RE for SOLIDWOKS. Version 4 is a major upgrade, with many new features and improvements to greatly improve productivity and usability. Although Power Surfacing was already tightly integrated with SOLIDWOKS, version 4 makes it even more seamless, powerful, productive, and easy to use. Version 4 supports a broader range of workflows, especially in the context of working within SOLIDWOKS assemblies. We have also greatly improved the performance of converting into NURBS surfaces / solids. Here are some of the new features in Power Surfacing (Power Surfacing RE new features below) that will greatly improve user productivity and enable more complex and creative designs (with videos to illustrate).

Designs by Andries van Overbeeke

  • Assemblies: full support for create / edit in assembly mode
  • Macro feature: auto updating / multi-body Power Bodies
  • Conversion options: auto trim & sew / large mesh support
  • Surface create workflow: new paradigm for creating SubDs
  • G2 constraints: curvature continuity accross features


Power Surfacing now fully supports the SOLIDWOKS Assembly modeling environment. You can now create and edit Power Surfacing features while in an assembly. It is even possible to import reference constraints from other parts in the assembly.

Click here to see: Editing a simple part in an assembly

Design by Chris Miller (Curvature CAD & Design, Inc.)

Macro Feature

Power Surfacing bodies are now macro features, which means they behave like typical SOLIDWOKS features. You can also create multiple Power Surface bodies in a single part. Power Surfacing bodies will now automatically update as “standard” features in the feature tree do. When a Power Surface body in the feature tree is updated, it will automatically trim and sew the result (and make it into a sold body if it is solid).

Click here to see: Macro Feature – multiple bodies

Click here to see: Macro Feature – Updating

Click here to see: Surface constraint conversion options with trim and knit

Conversion options

Version 4 introduces advanced control over the process for converting Power Surface geometry into SOLIDWOKS bodies. In addition to the typical subdivision levels, you can also increase the level of refinement, control the quality / accuracy, etc.

Click here to see: Conversion options

New surface workflow

You can now work in surface creation mode, extending and shaping surfaces on the fly. There is also a new workflow for creating geometry from sketches.

Click here to see: Surface creation work flow

Design by Daryl Speed (Hawkridge Systems)

G2 & Offset constraints

G2 constraints create curvature continuous constraints with other geometry, providing a smooth transition and high quality surface continuity. Offset constraints provide great flexibility in creating geometry constrained to an offset from a surface.

Click here to see G2 constraints and Offset constraints.

With new patent pending technology, version 4 makes Power Surfacing RE a powerful, unmatched tool for reverse engineering scanned meshes, other meshes, or SOLIDWORKS geometry. The 4.1 version automates many of the most difficult reverse engineering operations. Here are some of the major Power Surfacing RE new features that will greatly improve your productivity for reverse engineering.

  • Shrink wrap options
  • Quad wrap
  • Smart fill
  • Edit Reference mesh new tools
  • Significant improvement in shrink wrap performance
  • Accelerated face painting

Shrink Wrap options

New options provide more flexibility in editing the mesh after Shrink Wrap.

Click here to see: Shrink Wrap options

Quad Wrap

The Quad Wrap tool automatically wraps a SubD / Power Surfacing mesh around a scanned mesh to retopologize it.

Click here to see: Quad Wrap a solid

Click here to see: Quad Wrap a surface

Smart Fill

Smart fill automatically fills in an area (with a quad mesh), while constraining to the reference mesh.

Click here to see: Smart Fill

Edit reference mesh

New tools speed up the process of preparing a scanned mesh.

Click here to see: Paint selection on reference mesh and repair mesh

Click here to see: Bridge fillet

Accelerated face painting

Paint a whole set of faces onto a refrence mesh in just a few clicks.

Click here to see: Accelerated face painting

Many other additional features (and videos) can be found on the Power Surfacing and Power Surfacing RE Web pages.

Power Surfacing RE is an add-in reverse envineering (RE) product for SOLIDWOKS 3D design software that significantly improves the process for reverse engineering scanned meshes, other mesh data, and SOLIDWOKS geometry within SOLIDWOKS.

Power Surfacing RE is built on top of the award winning Power Surfacing product. Power Surfacing is a SubD based organic modeling tool for SOLIDWOKS. Power Surfacing creates fully compatible SOLIDWOKS surfaces and solids that support all of the powerful SOLIDWOKS commands that you would normally use on native SOLIDWOKS geometry.

nPowerSoftware is a certified SOLIDWOKS Gold Partner.

Power Surfacing currently sells for $1,495. Power Surfacing RE currently sells for $2495 (both product prices will increase on 7/18/2017). nPower products can be purchased from the nPower web store (www.nPowerSoftware.com/store.htm), or through certified nPower Software resellers throughout the world. Customers can purchase maintenance subscriptions for $395 per year in order to receive ongoing product support, free patch releases, and upgrades to major version releases.

Power Surfacing and Power Surfacing RE are based on IntegrityWare’s SOLIDS++ geometric modeling Kernel, a unique and powerful hybrid modeling system that supports Solids, Surface and Polygonal modeling. nPower modeling tools provide the highest order of surfacing, solids modeling, analysis, and tessellation technologies.  In addition, Power Surfacing and Power Surfacing RE utilize the SubD-NURBS library product, which provides accurate conversion between Sub-D geometry and NURBS geometry.

Engineers, designers, architects, and artists from top companies around the world like Toyota, Boeing, Microsoft, Disney, SEGA, Blizzard Entertainment, Northrup Grumman, Sony, Honda, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Trek Bicycles, Nvidia, Blur Studio, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Gensler, Harley Davidson, Fox Sports, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, BAE Systems, Panasonic, Tiffany, SOLIDWOKS, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, HDR, Luis Vuitton, Avon Products, Hallmark, Samsonite, Hewlett Packard and Cannon Equipment are optimizing their design throughput with nPower Software.

About IntegrityWare Inc.

IntegrityWare Inc. is a company that specializes in advanced geometric modeling solutions. Founded in 1996, IntegrityWare has been providing advanced modeling solutions to a growing base of customers building industry-leading solutions. The SOLIDS++  modeling kernel is an Object-Oriented Non-Manifold Modeling kernel that provides a comprehensive suite of geometry and topology tools for Solids Modeling, Surface Modeling, Curve Modeling, Polygonal Modeling and Non-Manifold Modeling. SOLIDS++  has been in development for more than 10 years, with research and development of the most advanced modeling solutions. The SOLIDS++ kernel is currently licensed to developers needing to provide the most advanced geometric modeling functionality to their customers – such as Autodesk, MOI, Nemetschek, PTC, New River Kinematics, Tech Soft 3D, Bentley Systems, and Ford Motor Company.

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