Portescap Introduces 35ECS Brushless DC Slotless Motor

Portescap announced the expansion of the Ultra EC range of brushless DC slotless motors with the introduction of the 35ECS motor. This 2 pole motor offers speed and power (up to 330W, max continuous).

The 35ECS motor is available in two lengths: the 35ECS60 and the 35ECS80. The 35ECS60 and 35ECS80 motors feature Ultra EC coil technology which provides torque and power density with limited core losses. These motors feature rotor design as well to sustain speeds up to 40,000 rpm.

The 35ECS motors can be adapted in most applications, including industrial applications. The 35ECSs are an ideal choice for applications such as battery-operated hand tools (industrial tightening devices or drills), factory automation equipment (large fans or vacuum pumps), and also for applications where there are constraints on diameter.

The 35ECS motors feature a laser welded front flange to ensure housing to sustain high torque reaction. A temperature probe on the coil head ensures control of motor performances in heavy duty applications. These motors are offered with hall sensors and a total of 6 different coils to match speed and voltage requirements. Upon request, Portescap can also provide options for customization including gearboxes, encoders, coil variations and mechanical interface modifications.

For more information, visit Portescap website.

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