Polar Cloud to Integrate with Autodesk Tinkercad

SAN ANTONIO, TX, June 27, 2017 – Polar has announced that Autodesk Tinkercad and Polar will be integrating platforms to allow the Tinkercad community to 3D print their designs directly from Tinkercad to the Polar Cloud all from the browser – no downloads or hardware required.

This feature will be available later this summer and in time for back-to-school. One driving force behind the integration is to support the GE Additive Education Program for primary and secondary schools. Autodesk and GE have a long tradition of supporting our educational institutions.

Under GE’s program, GE is providing each participating school a Polar 3D printing classroom package that includes 3D printers, kits, materials, curricula and more. The program is expected to reach 180,000 students in just its first year. In the GE-sponsored Tinkering with Turbines module, students use Tinkercad to design turbine blades that are 3D printed and then used to build a wind turbine. The effectiveness of the design is measured by the electrical output of the wind turbine.

“Providing students with a digital design and manufacturing experience is project based learning at its finest and will help develop a pipeline of future talent in additive technologies,” said Greg LaLonde, CEO of Polar. “Our goal is for the Polar Cloud to make digital manufacturing universally accessible where anyone with a browser can learn, design and ‘make’ regardless of their economic, political or social condition. Thanks to GE and Autodesk, that goal is getting closer to becoming a reality.”

About Polar 3D

Polar 3D is a technology company delivering software, products and content to educate, train and enable a world for additive manufacturing through the Polar Cloud. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the company’s Polar Cloud makes 3D printing universally accessible by giving anyone with a browser the ability to create and transform digital models into physical objects. The company’s patented “polar method” of 3D printing sets its printer apart from the field but the Polar Cloud is open and welcomes all 3D printers. It’s about educating and enabling a future for additive manufacturing by building the Polar Cloud into the largest 3D printing ecosystem in the world. To that end, the Company and its partners are committed to publishing content on the Polar Cloud to enrich the member experience, including curriculum to drive the advance of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

For more information, please go to polar3d.com.

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