Pointwise Partners with CelSian Glass

FORT WORTH, TX, Oct 7, 2019 – Pointwise has signed an agreement with CelSian Glass and Solar whereby they license Pointwise internally for their own use and can sell Pointwise worldwide to existing clients of GTM-X.

CelSian Glass and Solar, located in the Netherlands, develops, sells, and supports GTM-X, a solver for simulating the glass melting process for the glass manufacturing industry with accuracy and robustness unmatched by the competition. CelSian, along with their clients, required a mesh generation tool to generate high-quality structured meshes for their furnace geometries and other geometries encountered in the glass industry.

“We have been looking for an intuitive CFD preprocessing tool that improves our and our customer’s productivity and are very pleased to have found Pointwise” said Harmen J. Kielstra. “With Pointwise we expect to lower the threshold for new customers to start using our software. Our team has been trained and now we are starting to implement the software in our own procedures, as well as train our new and existing customers. First results seem very promising.”

“We look forward to our relationship with CelSian and expanding Pointwise usage into a new industry with its own unique CFD preprocessing challenges. The CelSian team has many years of experience in the glass manufacturing industry and have developed excellent analysis tools,” said Rick Matus, Pointwise’s executive vice president.

About CelSian Glass and Solar

CelSian Glass and Solar is born out of TNO Glass Group and built on multiple years of high precision glass molding at Royal Dutch Philips. CelSian is an independent company focusing on improving process efficiency at glass manufacturers worldwide. Our proprietary software models are used by our customers to optimize glass melting processes. Everything we do aims to minimize costs for our customers and the environment. Our clients are glass manufacturers, furnace designers and raw material suppliers. We are based in The Netherlands, and our 20+ team work all over the world to support our customers with glass production challenges.

More information can be found on CelSian’s website at www.celsian.nl/.

About Pointwise Inc.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) today – reliably generating high-fidelity meshes. The company’s Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured, overset and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers such as ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CCM+, OpenFOAM, and SU2 as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS; runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and has a scripting language, Glyph, that can automate CFD meshing. Manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide have relied on Pointwise as their complete CFD preprocessing solution since 1994.

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