PI Introduces A-81x Motion Controller

PI_logoPI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has released a motion control controller designed to handle 1, 2 or 4-axis of PIglide air bearing positioning stages.

Equipped with PWM drives, the A-81x controller integrates closed loop servo control, motor drives, and power supplies in a 19-inch rack mount design. pi_buHigh resolution incremental encoders with sine/cosine output and absolute encoders based on BiSS-C protocol are supported. The multi-axis controllers are based on ACS hardware, a company recently acquired by PI. The PI Group also offers custom motion systems and controls for precision automation applications.

Designed to float on a cushion of air without rollers or sliding components, air bearing positioners deliver precise and vibration-free motion, with velocity stability, and zero wear of mechanical components, which are ideal for high-end industrial inspection and manufacturing operations. Air bearing stages are suited for applications, such as metrology, photonics alignment, semiconductor, wafer inspection, laser marketing, flat panel display, precision scanning applications, and cleanroom applications.

For more information, visit PI website.

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