Physna Develops Software for Design Productivity

CINCINNATI, OH, Mar 21, 2019 – Physna, creates a revolutionary new software which helps engineers and engineering management with greater innovation.

Physna is a geometric search engine designed to enable engineers develop better workflow, find CAD drawings faster, reduce part duplication and compare part and component drawings.

Today CAD programs rely on text-based naming conventions and metatags which may not be consistent across multiple engineers or locations. Physna’s proprietary geometric search finds parts quickly and with greater accuracy.

“The results are faster and more accurate than ever before possible,” said Physna CEO Paul Powers.

Physna is a highly functional plugin for CAD and PLM software and is also available as a standalone software solution. It can used in cloud environment s and on premise to meet ITAR requirements where required. Physna works with most file types allowing geometric search between multiple CAD platforms.

According to a time study conducted by a Fortune 20 Aerospace Company Physna increased productivity by $37,440 per user per year.

“Physna is becoming the Google of the physical world,” said Powers.

About Physna

Physna, short for ‘Physical DNA,’ uses proprietary technology to analyze and compare 3D models. A Siemens partner, Physna is used by CAD engineers to speed up the design process, as a cybersecurity tool for aerospace, a quality assurance tool, and more. Physna is used by a growing number of local and global manufacturers to NASA SpaceCamp.

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