Phoenix Introduces CONTACTRON pro Hybrid Motor Starter

Phoenix Contact introduces CONTACTRON pro, a hybrid motor starter that is designed to aid wiring and safety integration. The CONTACTRON pro has a T-bus backplane system that distributes 24 V power, bridges the e-stop enable signal, and adds auxiliary contact modules.

The auxiliary contact modules allow feedback of the motor state and implementation of self-sealing motor circuits. When used with the PSR-MC38 safety relay, the CONTACTRON pro can permit a SIL 3/PLe group of emergency shutdowns via one interface.

Like the original CONTACTRON, the pro modules incorporate Phoenix Contact’s Hybrid Technology, which offers three-phase motor switching up to 5 HP. It has a service life of up to 30 million switching cycles.

The modular system makes CONTACTRON pro suitable for conveyor and material handling systems, as well as machine-building applications like fan and pump control.

For more information, visit Phoenix Contact website.

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