Pepperl+Fuchs Announces M-LB-5000 Surge Protection System

Diagnostics and modularity with an installation width of 6.2 mm: These features are combined in the M-LB-5000 surge protection system from Pepperl+Fuchs.

The diagnostics of the M-LB-5000 with its traffic-light display are designed to minimize testing costs in accordance with EN 62305-3 and allows condition monitoring. The green light on the protection module indicates that there is full protection and sufficient operating reserve. The yellow LED indicates that the protection module has reached 90 % of its lifecycle, but the signal circuit is still protected.

The protection module should be replaced when maintenance is next performed. If the indicator is red, the protection module is permanently damaged and protection has been lost. The protection module should be replaced immediately to prevent damage during the next overvoltage condition.

This setup is designed to ensure that the protection modules are always replaced at the ideal time. This improves the availability of the surge protection, and therefore of the system as a whole. The status of the protection modules can be integrated into the control level via the signaling contacts of the function modules and via the Power Rail.

The modular system allows commissioning and maintenance using a loop-disconnect function as well as uninterrupted protection module replacement during operation.

At 6.2 mm, the width of the protection modules saves space in the switch cabinet. Disconnect terminal blocks can be avoided: During retrofitting, existing common disconnect terminal blocks can be replaced regardless of space requirements.

For more information, visit Pepperl+Fuchs website.

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