PalPilot Offers Mechanical Design, Development Services

TUSTIN, CA, Feb 21, 2018 – PalPilot’s Mechanical Division has rolled out a new capability in 2018, and is now offering a suite of mechanical design and development services. This new set of services offers complex modeling, new product design, industrial design, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC fabrication and associative design tool development.

Mechanical design services will be marketed worldwide under the brand name PalPro, a division of PalPilot International, and will target commercial, medical, gaming and industrial markets.

From concept to production, PalPilot Mechanical Design disciplines include, but are not limited to; diecasting, injection molding, metal stamping, cable & wire harness, sheet metal, and extrusions. Palpilot’s team of expert engineers provide around the clock service, to assure quick turns without compromising quality.

PalPilot’s mechanical design features 3D modeling, DFM analysis, stress tests, tooling reviews, Co-Lab services, all while remaining cost-effective. Also offered are rapid prototyping services, which allow customers to create products and from their own concepts fast.

World Class Engineering and Manufacturing

All PalPilot Mechanical designs are guaranteed to meet applicable industry standards and performance specifications.

For additional information, please contact Kari Sandor at You will also find additional information here.

PalPilot is proud to offer expert mechanical engineering, customized to support any intricate project from concept to reality. PalPilot’s mechanical division has rolled out a new capability in 2018, now offering custom mechanical design Solutions to fit any design needs, including enclosure, transmission, and structure system designs.

About PalPro

PalPro, the new mechanical division of PalPilot is a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanical engineers. The team provides complete mechanical design services, whether you need a custom design or update and improve an existing one. Leveraging the latest in CAD technology, PalPro can refine assemblies to optimize mechanical designs for functionality, manufacturability and thermal constraints.

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