Vero Appoints David Lee as Sales Account Manager

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK, Aug 17, 2017 – Vero Software has hired new sales account manager David Lee, who will represent the company’s Edgecam and Surfcam brands from his office in Bellevue, WA.

Lee’s new role reflects the expansion of Vero Software’s presence in the Pacific Northwest and the extension of even greater levels of support to existing and potential customers in the region.

“I feel grateful to be part of this organization and I’m eager to make a positive contribution by applying my talents and passion to my new role,” says Lee, who earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Arizona State University and most recently worked as an account manager selling 3D computer graphics software programs.

“Our mission is always to offer the best possible opportunities and support to our potential and existing customers,” says Peter Marton, sales manager for Vero Software. “With David on board, we’re able to offer even greater support to our users in the Pacific Northwest.”

About Vero Software

Headquartered in England, Vero Software designs, develops, and supplies CAD/CAM/CAE software radically enhancing the efficiency of design and manufacturing processes, providing its customers with exceptional value through high productivity gains and significantly reducing time to market.

The company’s world-renowned brands include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Machining STRATEGIST, PEPS, Radan, SMIRT, Surfcam, WorkNC and VISI, along with the production control MRP system Javelin. Despite the diversity of application, these solutions have one thing in common: they all address the rising challenges of achieving manufacturing efficiencies and bring huge value to the operations in which they are deployed.

Vero has direct offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Spain and India supplying products to more than 45 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and reseller network.

Vero is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXA B), a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

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Leica Geosystems Selects Siemens’ Teamcenter

PLANO, TX, Aug 17, 2017 – Leica Geosystems, a world leader in measurement technology, has selected the Teamcenter portfolio from Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business to accelerate its digital enterprise transformation. By replacing its previous system with Teamcenter, the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management software, Leica Geosystems will have a holistic view of the product development process, from concept to execution, and can increase overall operational excellence. Combining the power of Teamcenter with NX software, Siemens’ flagship solution for CAD/CAM/CAE, the geospatial industry leader will have the tools to not only help design new products, but also perfect its production and quality control processes. Implementing a digital strategy with Teamcenter and NX should help Leica Geosystems simplify, standardize and automate processes, which could lead to future innovations and competitive advantages.

“Leica Geosystems is known for creating complete solutions for measurement professionals around the globe, and we are confident that Teamcenter will provide a complete solution for our product lifecycle management needs,” said Alexander Perle, head of Global IT ServiceDesk & Client Management, CAD&PLM, for Leica Geosystems. “Implementing a digital strategy with software from Siemens should help increase production efficiencies and ensure informed decision making in the future.”

Leica Geosystems is known for innovative product and solution development for professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as surveying and engineering, building and heavy construction, safety and security, and power and plant. As the industry continues to evolve, companies such as Leica Geosystems need to ensure close cooperation between mechanical systems, electronics and software in their product development processes. Teamcenter should enable Leica Geosystems to improve efficiencies and increase its productivity by establishing a global standard for its product and production management system, unifying the systems infrastructure. With this crucial framework in place, Leica Geosystems can establish the flexibility to stay ahead of the rapid product development cycle, and move to production runs with confidence, knowing that they have been tested in advance. Optimizing these processes is just one step innovative companies such as Leica Geosystems can take to prepare for Industry 4.0.

“Siemens is committed to helping Leica Geosystems, and other companies throughout the world, implement the digitalization and automation of their entire production process,” said Hermann Kaineder, country manager Austria & Switzerland, Siemens PLM Software. “We look forward to supporting Leica Geosystems and helping the organization increase efficiencies and decision making to continue innovating in their own business.”

About Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. With headquarters in Plano, Texas, and over 140,000 customers worldwide, Siemens PLM Software works with companies of all sizes to transform the way ideas come to life, the way products are realized, and the way products and assets in operation are used and understood.

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About Siemens AG

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of efficient power generation and power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drive and software solutions for industry. The company is also a leading provider of medical imaging equipment – such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems – and a leader in laboratory diagnostics as well as clinical IT. In fiscal 2016, which ended on September 30, 2016, Siemens generated revenue of €79.6 billion and net income of €5.6 billion. At the end of September 2016, the company had around 351,000 employees worldwide.

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GERBERcutter Z1 with AutoMatch to be Launched at 2017 CISMA

TOLLAND, CT, Aug 16, 2017 – Industry 4.0, smart factories, digitization, sustainability and corporate social responsibility – these terms are in the headlines of industry publications every day. Digitization is a reality, and that’s good news for the fashion industry. Cutting-edge digital design tools that integrate seamlessly with smart machines will help garment manufacturers cut costs by millions of dollars, increase throughput, reduce waste and – most importantly – stay competitive.

That’s the message Gerber Technology plans to deliver at the 2017 CISMA tradeshow in Shanghai, China September 26-29. With the high concentration of apparel manufacturers and brands attending from the Asia Pacific region, Gerber will demonstrate how they are different from others and uniquely positioned to help the industry transform. Showing how their Digital Solutions, a full suite of industry leading end-to-end integrated products, are helping companies collaborate and go from initial design to production and shipment with greater speed, quality and visibility throughout the process.

They will also launch their new GERBERcutter Z1 with AutoMatch – a stripe, plaid, and 5-star automated matching solution. This new automation solution will help apparel manufacturers automate manual processes to improve quality, increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce labor costs and accelerate time to market.

While the fashion industry is known for setting trends, challenging cultural norms and pushing boundaries – it has also been relatively slow to adapt to the changes brought about by social media, a savvier consumer base and the advent of “fast fashion”. But there is a growing body of evidence that this adoption curve is about to shift.Today, everyone in the industry – from major players to small startup labels – are talking about he industry’s digital transformation and how it can revolutionize the way garments are designed, created and purchased. “We look forward to meeting with leaders from all around the world, to support them as they seek to understand how technology can help them solve the key business challenges they are facing as our industry evolves,” said Johnny Wang, vice president & general manager of Asia Pacific for Gerber Technology.

The fashion and apparel industry spends billions of dollars each year on physical samples. At CISMA, Gerber will highlight how their AccuMark 3D can be used to validate patterns and simulate virtual garment samples so realistic that there’s no need for designers to spend the time and money cutting and sewing “real” ones.

Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology, said, “The time has come for our industry to embrace digitization, to leverage connected technology by eliminating manual processes, and to improve quality, efficiency and cost structures, all in a socially responsible way.”

Gerber has focused on a theme of “Embrace Your Digital Reality”. According to Uberoi, “The ‘Your’ in ‘Embrace Your Digital Reality’ is critical. Everyone is in a different place in their journey toward digitization. We know Gerber has the knowledge, customer focus and set of integrated industry leading products to help all companies progress on their journey and achieve optimum results along the way.”

CISMA attendees can learn more by visiting Gerber Technology in Hall E2, Booth #A22.

About Gerber’s Digital Solutions

Gerber’s Digital Solutions include the newest releases of YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software, as well as AccuMark, the industry-leading pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software, AccuMark 3D and AccuPlan. The Digital Solutions architecture uses common file structures. Data can easily be passed to the cut room where smart machines, like the GERBERspreader XLs series and Gerber Paragon line of multi-ply GERBERcutters, can process the order with a simple barcode scan. A closed-loop, end-to-end Digital Solution like Gerber’s, that integrates software and smart machines, allows companies to automate their entire process and streamline data and workflow necessary to provide insight, maximize throughput, minimize errors and reduce labor costs to be competitive in mass production environments.

About Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves 78,000 customers in 130 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel & accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign and graphics.

Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by AIP, a New York-based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and has more than $3.0 billion assets under management.

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Frank Marangell Appointed as President of BigRep America

Also takes over as executive vice president of global sales

BERLIN, Germany, Aug 16, 2017 – BigRep, the Berlin technology start-up for the world’s largest serial 3D printers and supplier of additive manufacturing systems, is announcing their next big move. Only weeks after hiring former Stratasys CTO Moshe Aknin, BigRep has hired Frank Marangell, former Rize CEO and former President Objet USA, as its new president for the US operations and as the executive vice president (EVP) global sales.

Mr. Marangell was the president & CEO of Rize Inc. until May of this year. From 2006 to 2013, he was the President of Objet USA Inc. and later Stratasys´s Vice President of Global Field Operations, responsible for the worldwide materials business as well as the company expansion into dental and medical 3D printing. Mr. Marangell holds a BS in engineering and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

René Gurka, CEO of BigRep GmbH: “This is a very exciting summer (2017). We have added Moshe Aknin as our new CTO, started a successful funding round and have now secured the perfect candidate to lead and expand our US operations. Frank Marangell is the best candidate for any 3D company in the US. When he became available I immediately reached out to him and offered him this role at BigRep.”

Frank Marangell is very excited to join the BigRep team. “I have been following BigRep for the last three years and appreciate their high-quality large industrial printers. BigRep already has customers all over the US and now it´s the perfect time to build a larger US team and grow the business. In my view BigRep is the most successful new European 3D printing company with the most trusted large-scale printers. It is quality German engineering at a very competitive price,” said Frank Marangell.

Besides leading the USA operations Frank will also become part of the global executive team as executive vice president and support global sales in the European and Asian operations of BigRep.

About BigRep

BigRep is a technology start-up based in Berlin with offices in New York and Singapore, which develops and manufactures the world’s largest 3-D printers. One of the groundbreaking developments of the company founded in 2014 is the BigRep ONE, which is supplemented by the smaller BigRep STUDIO. Interdisciplinarity and well-founded experience in the field of additive manufacturing characterizes the multi-national team of BigRep, now more than 70 employees. In addition to new products, the Berlin company is now concentrating on complete solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing systems. One example is the TNO project, which is scheduled to be released in Summer 2018. The goal of the highly innovative engineering company is to revolutionize design, prototyping and industrial production from the ground up. Over the next five years, BigRep wants to become a leading supplier of additive manufacturing systems.

Bimba Launches IntelliAxis Multi-axis Linear Robot Actuators

Bimba has introduced IntelliAxis multi-axis electric Linear Robot actuators for either X-Z or X-Y motion applications. Employing a one-of-a-kind two-axis system, the unit features a single continuous belt that serpentines around the two axes eliminating the need for a motor in the Z- or Y-axis while driving a pair of coordinated motors in the X-axis. These configurations, known as T-bot and H-bot within the industry, permit synchronized control for complex motion movement profiles such as circles, ellipses and sine waves.

IntelliAxis is intended for medium and heavy-duty two-axis industrial applications that require flexible motion within a two-dimensional plane. A solution for applications that require X-Y or X-Z distance, high-speed motion with a load and moment loading capacity, IntelliAxis is ideally configured for pick & place, sorting, loading, assembly and other material handling tasks in industries such as packaging, food and beverage and automotive.

The ARC Power Self-Tracking timing belt itself is steel-reinforced and provides motion in both axes. It is constructed to reduce noise and vibration, eliminate backlash and cogging and deliver higher thrust per unit size.

For more information, visit Bimba website.

Aerotech Releases ThermoComp Mechatronic Solution

Aerotech’s new product, ThermoComp, is designed to be a complete mechatronic solution to thermal errors. Through the employment of integrated hardware and sensors, and a proprietary compensation algorithm implemented via Aerotech’s A3200 controller software, ThermoComp works to minimize stage inaccuracy due to thermal effects even over extreme temperature ranges.

Additionally, internal self-heating is another major source of thermal-related positioning errors, particularly in stages without direct feedback devices such as ball-screw-driven stages. ThermoComp is intended to prevent environmental changes from affecting positioning performance, and also to diminish the errors caused through internal heating, eliminating up to 90% of the thermal-related errors caused by the self-heating of a ball-screw-driven stage.

ThermoComp is currently available on all Aerotech PRO Series stages and operates through an integrated command set within the Aerotech A3200 controller software.

For more information, visit Aerotech website.

AICSYS Introduces LPC-T Series Fanless Panel PC

AICSYS Inc. LPC-Series is a device designed for industrial environments hardware protection such as outdoor public space, food or chemical preparing station in harmful factories environment and facilities.

The LPC-Series IP65 6-sided sealed stainless steel chassis and waterproof connector work to prevent liquid and harmful foreign substances from getting into the inside of the device; from junction of chassis and via the I/O entry points and it also allows the device to be washed down for hygiene sanitation.

The LPC-153T, LPC-173T, and LPC-193T integrated with Fanless Intel Bay Trail D-J1900 on board, Memory up to (1) 8GB for DDR3L SO-DIMM, (1) 2.5” SATA drive bay, and (1) Mini PCIe slot for expansion. Along with integrated Audio and the high quality LED backlight with resistive touchscreen. Standard external I/O connectors are (2) RS-232, (1) GbE LAN, and (1) USB connectors. These external I/O connectors are configurable per request. It also come with external full range AC adaptor and optional add-on such as RFID sensor and WiFi as selective choices.

For more information, visit AICSYS website.

Rockwell Introduces Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 Portfolio

Many manufacturers struggle with unreliable human machine interface (HMI) applications that use obsolete operating systems. With the family of Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 industrial computers, thin clients and monitors from Rockwell Automation, manufacturers can modernize their standalone or distributed HMI applications to support smart manufacturing.

The VersaView 5000 portfolio, part of the Rockwell Automation scalable compute offerings, includes five products: VersaView 5400 display and nondisplay computers; VersaView 5200 display and nondisplay thin clients; and VersaView 5100 monitors. The display options include an edge-to-edge glass display, a 22-inch widescreen option, full HD and 10-point multitouch capabilities designed to help improve operator productivity.

When combined with FactoryTalk View Site Edition software from Rockwell Automation in distributed applications, the VersaView 5400 industrial computers can provide compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. The software stores, processes and transmits electronic records and signatures to show which employees have made changes. This is critical for highly regulated industries like life sciences.

The VersaView 5200 thin clients, the first from Rockwell Automation, are designed to be the preferred thin client hardware for use with the company’s ThinManager software. The software centrally manages content and visualization for every aspect of modern industrial operations.

When used with the ThinManager software, the VersaView 5200 thin clients can start receiving information as soon as they are plugged in. Device configuration is not needed, resulting in faster device replacement. The ThinManager software also provides multifactor user authentication, including biometric authentication using fingerprint scanning.

In addition to the new 22-inch screen size, the VersaView 5000 portfolio includes 12-inch, 15-inch and 19-inch widescreen options. All screens have 10-point multitouch capabilities.

For more information, visit Rockwell Automation website.