OrthoGraph Genius Cross-Platform to Debut at INTERGEO

Orthograph_logo_newBUDAPEST, Hungary, Aug 31, 2015 – It’s time to meet OrthoGraph and explore what’s behind the touch screen.

At the world’s leading conference trade show for geodesy, geoinformation and land management – INTERGEO, Stuttgart, September 15 – 17 – OrthoGraph has its own booth (A6.001) equipped with interesting news. Meet the team, and check out the professional building survey app: features, development and exciting innovations.

083115_crossplatformDuring the trade fair the next milestone in OrthoGraph’s career will also be presented. The new cross-platform version, OrthoGraph Genius (internal name) will be introduced, which will revolutionize the building survey industry.

The new OrthoGraph Genius version – which is currently under development – runs on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The new interface is being built in a modern and ergonomic style to make work even more intuitive and productive with many new advantages. This environment is familiar for those, who have used CAD programs before and easy to understand for first timers as well.

Besides keeping the features of the current app, we will extend OrthoGraph’s capabilities by adding new ones, based on customer feedback and actual field experience for the more beneficial use.

If you would like to meet the team and see the new cross-platform version of OrthoGraph, you can schedule an appointment at www.orthograph.net/events.

About Orthograph

OrthoGraph Ltd. was established in Hungary, 2004 by private investors. Its main activity is the development of mobile (tablet or smartphone) based data acquisition software with focus on graphical real-estate measurement. Their goal is to create products by which they can provide wide range support for graphical real-estate measurement. This does not mean only the flow control of survey processes during on-site measurements, and increasing the productivity of our users, but includes also the high level support of e.g. facility management and inventory creation activities what makes possible the usage of measured electronic data in these areas.

More information about OrthoGraph: https://www.orthograph.net/ and http://orthograph.blogspot.hu/.

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