Optimas Partners with Simufact for Simulation

HAMBURG, Germany, July 9, 2018 – Simufact, an MSC Software company, a global leader in manufacturing process simulation software, has partnered with Optimas OE Solutions, LLC, a global industrial distributor and service provider of high quality fasteners and c-class components, to improve their cold forming engineering and simulation workflows.

Optimas has been using cold forming process simulation in support of their manufacturing operations for many years. However, like many in the cold forming industry they were facing difficulties in quickly and efficiently getting the answers they needed. “On 3D simulation models, with elastic-plastic material models applied, our previous solution often failed to converge consistently. This resulted in the need for the users to spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting the model to get an answer,” said Omar Castillo, Optimas’ manufacturing technical manager. “After extensive benchmarking, we switched to Simufact because we found the solver to be much more robust for our type of application and the GUI easier to use. We now model faster and simulations finish without issue.”

“We are delighted to partner with the Optimas team,” said Jeff Robertson, Simufact’s US technical business development manager. “Optimas’ drive to be a technical leader in the cold forming industry and their commitment to deliver the best possible solutions to their customers is truly impressive.”

Please find accompanying press pictures for download on the Simufact website.

About Optimas OE Solutions, LLC

Optimas provides a full range of highly engineered and customized fasteners and industrial equipment available globally, headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, with operations worldwide.

For more information, visit Optimas’ website at https://global.optimas.com.

About Simufact

Simufact Engineering – an MSC Software company – is a global operating software company providing process simulation solutions and services to manufacturing industries. More than 20 years’ experience with providing simulation solutions for the design and optimization of manufacturing techniques in metal processing and a dynamically growing customer base exceeding a number of 800 customers have made the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered company a leader in this business area. The software primarily aims at the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace industry and their respective suppliers. Typical fields of application for Simufact software are hot forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, mechanical joining, heat treatment, different welding processes, and additive manufacturing.

Learn more at simufact.com.

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