Optimal Engineering Releases AY110-100V Vertical Rotation Stage

Optimal Engineering Systems has released the AY110-100V Vertical Rotation Stage.  This 100 mm (3.397 inch) diameter vertical rotation stage has a 30 mm (1.181 inch) diameter clear aperture to allow for: Cabling, vacuum lines, clamping, and laser alignment.  A precision pattern of threaded mounting are provided to easily add custom tooling. The AY110-100V Vertical Rotation Stage is suitable for:  Metrology, positioning of mirrors and lasers, laser machining or scribing, micro robotics, scanning, electronic assembly, testing, photonics, and vision systems.

Rated for a side load up to 20 kg (44 lbs), this vertical rotation stage features a 180:1 precision worm drive and deep grove ball bearings for a high resolution of ±0.001O when microstepping (10 micro steps-per-step).  The stage also features 0.005repeatability, 0.001O positional accuracy, just 0.005O backlash, and is capable of continuous rotation.

A knob on the motor shaft allows for manual positioning (a scale clearly displays the angle of rotation), however, the knob may be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. The foot print of this black anodized vertical rotation stage measures 110mm (4.331 in.) wide x 100 mm (3.937 in.) deep for stability and has 4 mounting holes for integration into new and existing applications.  Compatible with OES motion controllers, the AY110-100V Vertical Rotation Stage is available as a complete Plug-and-Play system, with an optical encoder for position verification, or with servo motor and optical encoder.

For more information, visit Optimal Engineering Systems website.

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