openBoM Introduces Enhanced CAD Integration for BOM


Importing BOM from Fusion 360 to openBoM

The following Autodesk CAD systems include new openBoM integration features:

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 (using the Forge Platform API)
  • Autodesk Inventor

New features include:

  • Part only option.
  • Seamless updates of design changes into Bill of Materials.
  • Additional configuration support for built-in CAD BOM features.

Parts List Support. Allows the creation of multi-assembly part lists by generating BOMs from multi-level assemblies and calculating part lists with updated quantities.

Seamless updates of design changes into bill of materials. openBoM plug-ins now support seamless merge of changes made in CAD to openBoM BOMs. This new feature gives users the ability to make simultaneous changes to a shared BOM between engineering and manufacturing teams whilst at the same time, automatically update changes in the BOM made by design engineers in CAD.

Additional configuration support. Keeping data integration between CAD and BOM simple reduces the chances of costly mistakes and errors. The openBoM seamless integration announced today keeps things simple by offering a variety of CAD BOM configuration options not available to spreadsheet users: Autodesk Inventor BOM structure options, Inventor BOM reports and more. These integration options provide users seamless data transfers between CAD and BOM without requiring additional data mapping and configuration tools.

Autodesk’s vision and support of cloud product technologies align well with openBoM which deploys multi-tenant cloud technologies to share, perform real-time BOM edits and collaborate across distributed networks of engineers, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. “Our announcement at Autodesk University expands openBoM existing out-of-the-box CAD integration configurations continuing our drive to make openBoM the ultimate replacement for spreadsheets,” said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder of Newman Cloud, Inc. “With this announcement, openBoM continues to demonstrate technological leadership on the Autodesk Forge Platform providing our Fusion 360 users unparalleled management of BOMs in the cloud,” said Jim Quanci, senior director Autodesk Forge.

About Newman Cloud, Inc. and openBoM

Newman Cloud, Inc. was co-founded by Oleg Shilovitsky and Vic Sanchez, both experienced software industry veterans. openBoM, a wholly owned and branded product of Newman Cloud, Inc. is a cloud data management tool that removes the traditional pain of managing BoMs across organizational and geographic boundaries. Newman Cloud, Inc. is headquartered in the Boston, MA area.

openBoM’s website is at

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