Omron Releases CK3M Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

Motion controller output speeds are reaching 50 µs/5 axes with the introduction of the CK3M programmable multi-axis controller from Omron.

Built with the needs of automotive and semiconductor manufacturing in mind, the CK3M controller achieves nanoscale motion control designed to keep production lines flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the future.

The CK3M facilitates fully synchronized motion control by providing connectivity to virtually any motor or encoder using EtherCAT and encoder communication protocols.

Machine builders can avoid developing their own controller boards as well as specialized control algorithms to integrate a separate controller for each device when just a single controller is needed for high-speed synchronized control. In addition to fully synchronized motion control, the CK3M makes it possible to use ANSI C or an original programming language so that machine builders can create their own control algorithms.

In summary, the new CK3M programmable multi-axis controller helps optimize system configuration with its ability to interface with various encoders and motors, providing synchronous control and machine performance. With output speeds of 50 µs/5 axes, the controller’s feedback control enables precise path control in precision machining. Machine builders can incorporate their own advanced control with its support for ANSI C or an original programming language.

For more information, visit Omron website.

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