OES Releases AZV9010, AZV9020 Z-Axis Elevator Stages

Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) has released two Z-Axis Elevator Stages.  The AZV9010 and the AZV9020 Motorized Z-Axis Linear Positioning Stages have vertical travels of 10 mm and 20 mm respectively.

The vertical motion of each Z-Axis Stage is driven by an 8 mm diameter ball screw with a 1 mm lead, and guided by cross roller bearings. Resolutions of 0.1 micron or 0.05 microns with 10/20 micro-steps per step motor drive, and repeatability of  +/- 0.5 microns makes these two Z-Axis Stages suitable for: Microscopy, inspection, metrology, positioning, photonics, sampling, and laser drilling and machining.

Each stage has a 90 x 90 mm (3.543 in. x  3.543 in.) table with threaded holes for fixtures or tooling.  Additionally each stage features a dynamic straightness of 5 microns and dynamic parallelism of 30 microns.  The maximum z-axis travel speed is 5 mm/sec (0.196 in/sec) and load capacity is 5 kg. (11.0 lbs)

The AZV9010 and AZV9020 Z-Axis Stages are constructed of black-anodized aluminum alloy and weighs 1.85 kg (4.978 lbs), and 1.95 kg (4.299 lbs).  Each stage has a knob for manual adjustment, and the stages can be supplied plug-and-play with a motion controller.

For more information, visit OES website.

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