OES Releases AY110-400-01, AY110-400-02 Rotary Stages

OES (Optimal Engineering Systems) has added two larger rotary stages to their AY110 Series of Motorized Rotary Stages. The 400 mm AY110-400-01 (step motor driven) and AY110-400-02 (servo motor driven) Rotary Stages feature a 180 mm (7.087 in) open aperture. The height of the stage is 71 mm  (2.795 in.). A pattern of 16 threaded holes in two bolt circles allows for  mounting of custom tooling and fixtures, and accessible mounting holes in the base are for integration into new and existing applications.

The diameter of the rotary table is 400 mm (15.748 in.) and the range of travel is a full 360o of continuous rotation. The table is driven by a 360:1 worm gear and has a resolution of 0.0005o (18 arcsec) with a 10 micro-steps per step stepper motor driver and repeatability is +/- 0.02(72 arcsec). The AY110-400 Rotary Stages also features positional accuracy of +/- 0.05o, surface roundness of 20 microns and parallelism of 120 microns.

The AY110-400-01 rotary stage is equipped with stepper motor and a knob for manual adjustment which can be replaced with an optical encoder for precision position verification. The AY110-400-02 rotary stage is fitted with a DC servo motor and quadrature incremental encoder for closed loop operation. These black anodized stages have a load capacity of 75Kg (165.3 lbs). Each of the stages can be ordered Plug-and-Play with a fully compatible controller from OES.

For more information, visit Optimal Engineering Systems website.

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