OES Introduces AR59-AV Vertical Rotation Stage

oes_logoOptimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has introduced AR59-AV vertical rotation stage. The AR59-AV motorized, 30 mm clear aperture vertical rotation stage features a 180:1 precision worm drive and deep grove ball bearings for a resolution of ± 0.001O  when microstepping (10 micro steps-per-step). The parallelism of the table is less than 50µm. The AR59-AV vertical rotation stage is intended for:  Micro robotics, metrology, vision systems, positioning of mirrors and lasers, laser machining or scribing, electronic assembly, testing, and photonics.

oes-vertical-rotary-stage-ar59-avThe aperture of the AR59-AV vertical rotation stage allows for vacuum and / or electrical lines, as well as optics. A knob on the motor shaft allows for manual positioning. This knob may be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. This black anodized vertical rotation stage with a full 360O of rotation and 30 mm (1.181 inches) clear aperture measures just 116.5 mm (4.587 inches) long x 80 mm (3.150 inches) high and the base is 60 mm (2.362 inches) x 60 mm (2.362 inches) for stability with 4 countersunk mounting holes for integration into new and existing applications. The 59 mm (1.181 inches) dia. table has 8 drilled and tapped (8-M3x6l) mounting holes for mounting of tooling, supports loads to 1 Kg 2.2 lb), and has scale to display the angle of rotation.

Compatible with OES’s line of motion controllers, the AR59-AV vertical rotation stage is available as a Plug-and-Play system or with an optical encoder for position verification. A larger vertical rotation stage and standard horizontal rotary stages are also available.

For more information, visit Optimal Engineering Systems website.

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