oelheld Announces SintoGrind TC-X 630 Grinding Oil

oelheld is adding SintoGrind TC-X 630 as an entry level product to its flagship SintoGrind series. SintoGrind TC-X 630 is made from GTL base oils. GTL stands for GAS TO LIQUID. GTL technology converts natural gas into liquid products that would be otherwise be made from crude oil. GTL base oils are colorless and odorless. They contain almost none of the impurities found in crude oil, such as sulfur, aromatics and nitrogen.

SintoGrind TC-X 630 is designed for flute grinding, profile grinding, and outside and inside diameter grinding. SintoGrind TC-X 630 works on a variety of materials including tungsten carbide, HSS, PCD, CBN, cermet and ceramics.

For more information, visit oelheld website.

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