ODA Updates Teigha File Format Support

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Feb 12, 2018 – Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the availability of STL (stereolithography) and OBJ file support within its Teigha product line. STL is widely used for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, while OBJ serves as an open exchange format for many 3D design solutions.

“ODA members can now import, export and visualize STL and OBJ files,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA president. “This support is particularly useful for the growing number of companies that use Teigha as a CAD development framework.

“A lot of people think only of ‘interoperability’ when they think of ODA and Teigha. While interoperability is an important part of what we do, we’ve also added visualization and publishing solutions in recent years. STL and OBJ will help support ODA’s broader mission.”

More information about the Teigha product line can be found at www.opendesign.com.

About Teigha

Teigha is a development platform that provides tools to create a rich variety of engineering applications. These include data access and editing, automation, visualization and markup, publishing, and full-scale CAD systems.

Teigha supports the use of .dwg, .dgn, .rvt/.rfa and .pdf files, as well as the import and export of many other formats. It runs on all major desktop, server and mobile platforms, and is available for C++, .NET and Java developers.

Teigha is developed by Open Design Alliance. For more information, see www.opendesign.com.

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