ODA to Offer Web SDK for Microsoft Azure

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, July 23, 2019 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), leading provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, announced plans to port its Web SDK technology to Microsoft Azure. Web SDK is a toolkit for building cloud-based applications for CAD and BIM visualization, data access, automation and markup editing.

“ODA members are using our Web SDK to build a wide range of cloud-based applications including multi-format viewers, markup editors, and configurators,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA president. “In response to strong demand from members, I am pleased to announce that Web SDK will soon be available for Microsoft Azure. This will allow any ODA member to build and deploy web-based applications on the powerful Microsoft cloud services platform.

“Many of our members already have a strong investment in Microsoft cloud technologies. Web SDK for Azure will allow such members to seamlessly deploy solutions for CAD and BIM on top of their existing cloud infrastructure.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA development director, said, “ODA DevCon 19 in Milan, September 10 and 11, will feature the first public demo of our new Azure support. In addition, Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead for Manufacturing in the Microsoft Cloud and AI Division will be speaking at the conference. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who’s interested in deploying CAD and BIM solutions on Azure to get a crash course on this new technology, and to get questions answered by experts.”

Interested parties are encouraged to attend ODA DevCon 19 in Milan for an early preview of ODA Web technologies for Azure. In addition to a comprehensive set of technology presentations, the conference will include time for one-on-one Q&A sessions with ODA staff.

For more information, please visit conference.opendesign.com.

About Open Design Alliance

Open Design Alliance is the “Equalizer” for CAD development. They are a non-profit technology consortium that provides high-value SDKs for engineering applications. Their product portfolio includes solutions for interoperability, visualization, publishing, and more, running on all common desktop, mobile and Web platforms.

Learn more at www.opendesign.com.

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