NYTEC Launches Connected X.0

KIRKLAND, WA, June 14, 2019 – Companies looking to take their digital operations to the next level just gained a powerful new resource: Nytec Inc. announced the launch of its Connected X.0 platform, aimed at defining and driving disruptive digital innovation through connected experiences that transform industries. Connected X.0 delivers a customizable, turnkey IoT/IIoT solution with broad applicability across industries.

Connected X.0 is a powerful enterprise IoT/IIoT network designed for cloud-integrated data generation. This advanced new technology provides streamlined deployment in new infrastructures, as well as seamless integration with minimal impact in legacy environments and is engineered to produce cloud-distributed data streams to client and third-party applications.

“Connected X.0 is the culmination of everything Nytec has done over the last 45 years,” observed Nytec CEO Rich Lerz, “and we couldn’t be more excited. In addition, it builds on the knowledge and momentum we gained developing connected platforms for some of the industry’s largest and most recognized IoT/IIoT deployments.

Data generation leads to operational excellence, competitive advantage

The highly scalable distributed topology of the Connected X.0 platform includes Nytec designed and engineered sensors, aggregators, and gateways, integrated in a holistic technology wrapper, to generate data from almost any functionality across technologies and industries. With this data accessible in the cloud, companies can perform data analysis to derive valuable business insights that lead to heightened customer experiences, increased productivity, improved employee safety, more efficient operations, and competitive advantage.

“Companies instantly start to see the results of this next-generation technology,” noted Lerz. “The cloud enables Nytec to work either directly with our clients’ technology departments, or with their third-party suppliers and systems integrators to help them consume their data in a meaningful way.”

Lerz added that Connected X.0 breathes new life into companies’ legacy technology investments; by capturing data from systems companies already have in place, the platform prolongs and extends the capabilities of that technology. “By turning legacy technology into smart, data-generating devices,” he said, “companies gain a new way of impacting ROI and the bottom line.”

Companies across industries can expect transformational results

According to Nytec VP of product innovation and managing director of Connected X.0 Vincent Ball, Nytec developed the new Connected X.0 platform as a way to expand hardcore industrial automation and advanced IoT technology across industries—from travel/ hospitality to micro cities such as stadiums and malls to energy & natural resources and industrial operations.

For example, travel venues such as hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, and cruise lines can take advantage of the location-based services (LBS) built into the Connected X.0 platform to elevate their customers’ experience while achieving improved operational efficiency. Energy operations such as oil & gas can promote advanced safety for workers in dangerous environments; the asset-tracking capabilities of Connected X.0 allow companies to reduce loss and theft (potentially millions of dollars a year) while enhancing the efficiency of their field operations.

“Another important aspect of Connected X.0,” Ball explained, “is how it enables companies to partner as integrators across all the major industries and leverage the location-services data to bring their clients a more comprehensive, integrated solution within the services they provide.”

Connected X.0 created within the Nytec LEED Platinum environment

As companies across the board strive to meet the objectives of their green initiatives, Connected X.0 brings them one step closer: The platform was developed at the Nytec Product Innovation Center in Kirkland, WA, a LEED Platinum-certified environment—and the only LEED-certified product-development facility of its kind.

The LEED certification recognizes green building as “the practice of designing, constructing, and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease lifecycle costs.”

“Because Connected X.0 was developed in a LEED Platinum environment,” Lerz said, “it’s in sync with the keen, ongoing focus on sustainability that almost all of all of our Fortune 50 customers embrace. Our state-of-the-art Product Innovation Center is one of the only global product engineering and development facilities to achieve LEED Platinum certification.”

For more information on the Connected X.0 platform, visit nytec.com.

About Nytec

Nytec is an award-winning, integrated consulting firm with more than 45 years of proven success turning original ideas into first-of-a-kind technology products for tier-one global and Fortune 50 companies. At Nytec’s world-class Product Innovation Center in Kirkland, Washington, award winning designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts specialize in translating complex problems into simple, compelling solutions that span hardware, software and services. With a global footprint of dedicated employees, Nytec’s Resource Logistics business unit provides enterprise consulting and Advisory services.

For more information, visit https://nytec.com.

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