NYacad Ships AutoCAD Add-on PDF-DWG with Layers

NYacadLOGO9NEW YORK, NY, Nov 9, 2015 – NYacad Inc. has released new AutoCAD add-on PDF-DWG with Layers.

This application is a new step in conversion of PDF files into AutoCAD DWG or DXF files with entities SEPARATED BY LAYERS.

PDF-DWG with Layers uses converted by Able2Extract program AutoCAD drawings. Polylines of specific width are placed on separate layer with automatically assigned color. All advantages of drawing with layers can be used: turn on/off, freeze/thaw or delete layers, hide or isolate objects.

PDF-DWG-Layers allows you quickly clean-up file and work faster on further development of AutoCAD drawing.

For more information visit the PDF-DWG-Layers main page and video presentation.

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