Novotechnik Announces 3 Versions of SP 2800 Series Sensors

Novotechnik, US has announced three versions of the SP 2800 Series of rotary position sensors—industrial, redundant channel industrial and motorsport.

The industrial version is offered in three standard electrical ranges: 0° to 100, 308 or 345° and custom ranges. It is sealed against dust, dirt and water ingress to IP 65 and repeatability is to ≤ 0.03°. Independent linearity is ≤ ±0.3 % for 308 and 345° models. Operating temperature range is 0 to 120°C with temporary, up to 1 hr operation, at 150°C. A two-channel electrically redundant version is available as well.

The motorsport version is offered in five electrical ranges: 0° to 100, 130, 308, 345 or 350°. It is sealed against dust, dirt and water ingress to IP 67 and repeatability is to ≤ 0.01°.  Maximum speed is 120 RPM. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +150°C continuously.

Common specifications for both versions include life of >50 million operations and mechanical range of 0 to 360° continuously. Maximum vibration is 20 g from 5 to 2,000 Hz.

For more information, visit Novotechnik website.

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