NLign Analytics Releases NLign Product Suite v7.0

NLign Analytics has announced the release of NLign Product Suite 7.0.  Key to this release is NCheck software. NCheck connects frontline depot, field, and shop floor aircraft inspection personnel with a central database to ensure production quality, improve production rates, and decrease costs.

NLign Product Suite 7.0

Delivering the right information at the right time, Product Suite 7.0 completes the aircraft lifecycle digital thread. NLign streamlines inspection data capture, communication and analysis allowing large amounts of diverse design, manufacturing and operational data to be leveraged to improve aircraft availability, quality, and production rates.

In addition to NCheck, Product Suite 7.0 software modules include:


Aircraft inspection, rework and repair data is often contained in paper documents, spreadsheets, or disconnected electronic files. NThread links as-manufactured data with as-maintained data providing a complete digital thread from design through the sustainment phase of a product’s lifecycle. Organizations working toward model based enterprise (MBE) practices are adopting the software as a core technology that supplies the central fiber of the Digital Thread.


NLign provides an interactive 3D environment to analyze both manufacturing and maintenance data. This enables the user to quickly detect and quantify issues like recurring cracks, fatigue, corrosion, or increasing wear, and then aids in root cause analysis efforts to identify the problem’s source. Additionally, NLign allows quick access to information relevant to a specific troublesome location on a structure such as, previous repairs and analysis. Access to data that previously took months can be done in seconds.

Proven Technology

Aircraft design, manufacturing and sustainability processes are undergoing a digital transformation. Consequently, it is imperative that digital engineering technologies and best practices be fully embraced and leveraged. Developed in collaboration with the United States Air Force and Navy, NLign software is used throughout military and commercial applications around the world. In 2018, following rigorous vetting, the US Department of Defense (DoD) recognized NLign as part of their Digital Engineering Strategy. Today, leading manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers rely on NLign to drive digital engineering and ensure DoD compliance.

Additionally, major commercial and military aircraft manufacturing facilities have demonstrated cost savings and improved production rates.


  • Northrop Grumman documented a 33% reduction in Material Review Board time on the F-35 production line.
  • Spirit Aerosystems drastically reduced scrap and rework on their 787 fabrication line.

About NLign Analytics

NLign Analytics provides patented software-based solutions used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft to capture, organize and visualize detailed structural inspection and repair data. The NLign software solution is currently used in aerospace manufacturing applications to improve first-pass yield and increase manufacturing rate. In addition, NLign is used within the US Air Force and US Navy to improve structural maintenance processes to reduce costs and improve aircraft availability. The NLign interactive 3D environment has proven to drive improvements throughout an organization, including improving inspection processes, quality engineering analysis, and material review board processes.  NLign Analytics is a privately held company with offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH.

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