NK Technologies Introduces VTU-DIN Series of RMS Transducer

NK Technologies has introduced the VTU-DIN Series, a True RMS transducer for sensing voltage in single, three-phase or DC installations. The VTU-DIN measures 0-15 to 0-600 V with an industry standard output proportional to connected voltage in AC circuits with sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal (variable frequency) applications or DC circuits.

Standard outputs make the VTU-DIN reliable and easy to use with existing controllers, data loggers and SCADA equipment. It is housed in a 35-mm wide DIN rail mounting enclosure.

The VTU-DIN Series features zero to 5-KHz measurement for situations where the power supplied is non-sinusoidal (such as VFD applications), poor quality installations or other electrically harsh or challenging environments. It effectively detects a range of conditions that may cause damage to the motor and/or soft starter components (SCRs), including: below normal/brown-out, phase loss and over voltage conditions.

About NK Technologies

Founded in 1982, NK Technologies designed the first low-cost solid-state current sensing technology that underlies the industry today.

Today, NK Technologies  is a leading provider of current sensing, ground fault detection and power monitoring products to the industrial and factory automation markets, with a product portfolio that includes more than 1300 models to satisfy a wide range of specific application needs.

For more information, visit NK Technologies website.

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