Nanoscience Instruments Partners with Technoorg Linda

Nanoscience Instruments has partnered with Technoorg Linda, expanding their world-class line of sample preparation tools used for transmission and scanning electron microscopy into the United States and Canada. For more than 15 years, Nanoscience Instruments has provided advanced instruments and applications consulting for microscopy and surface analysis. This partnership strengthens the scope of products for researchers in academia and industry.


About Technoorg Linda

For 25 years, Technoorg Linda has focused on refining and developing the highest-quality, easiest to use and most reliable ion milling tools worldwide. This devoted focus to continuous innovation and improvement has resulted in products that are of outstanding quality, easy-to-use and reliable.

Operating in several fields of nanotechnology, Technoorg Linda has developed the most popular instruments used world-wide in specimen preparation and depth profiling for transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The tools are used in a variety of fields and are specially designed for applications that require fine polishing of EBSD samples, thinning of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) samples, uniform fine polishing of heterogeneous surfaces, air protected sample preparation environment to prevent oxidation, and integrated stage cooling for temperature sensitive samples.

About the Ion Milling Tools

The Ion Milling tools cover the entire range of sample preparation and thinning process, from mechanical sample preparation to ion milling and fine polishing. With a focus on compatibility and versatility, all of the products by Technoorg Linda are fully compatible with all applications that require specialized sample preparation. The SEMPrep2 features multifunctional device for slope cutting and damage-free flat/cross sectional milling, ideal for SEM and EBSD users. The Unimill and Gentle Mill, ideal for TEM samples, have advanced user interface which provides optimal operation modes from beginner to expert users. The fully automated, recipe based operation offers almost intervention-free sample preparation with the widest energy range and unique pre-tilted slope cutting sample holders.

About Nanoscience Instruments

For 15 years, Nanoscience Instruments has delivered a wide variety of analytical solutions to academia and industry. We specialize in surface science and nanoscale microscopy instrumentation, including: benchtop SEMs, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, portable AFMs and STMs, optical metrology, micro and nanomechanical measurement systems,electrospinning and electrospraying instrumentation, as well as consumables and accessories for these instruments. More information is available from the Nanoscience Instruments website:

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