Nanoscience Instruments, KLA-Tencor Partner for MicroXAM-800

Nanoscience Instruments has partnered with KLA-Tencor to offer the MicroXAM-800 optical profiler a white light interferometer. For more than 15 years, Nanoscience Instruments has provided advanced instrumentation and applications consulting for microscopy and surface analysis techniques.


For more than 40 years, KLA-Tencor has been a leader in innovative optics, sensors, and high performing computing technologies in process control. Their inspection, metrology and data analytics tools are used for R&D and manufacturing process control. The KLA-Tencor series of benchtop stylus and optical surface profilers aligns with Nanoscience Instruments’ offerings of surface metrology, microscopy, mechanical testing and research and development manufacturing tools.

About the MicroXAM-800

The MicroXAM-800 is an optical surface profiler from KLA-Tencor’s surface metrology product line. Using the principles of coherence scanning interference microscopy (CSI), also known as white light interferometry (WLI), the MicroXAM-800 profiler includes hardware and software features necessary to meet stringent R&D and production environment requirements. “The programmable stages, customizable recipe set-up, scripting and expandable library of analysis tools, are a few of the highlighted features of the tool,” said Sebastian Kossak, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments.

The MicroXAM-800 optical surface profiler supports applications involving highly precise step height and surface roughness measurements in R&D and production applications. For more information about the MicroXAM-800 profiler, please visit the product webpage.

About Nanoscience Instruments

For 15 years, Nanoscience Instruments has delivered a wide variety of analytical solutions to academia and industry. Nanoscience Instruments specializes in surface science and nanoscale microscopy instrumentation, including benchtop SEMs, SEM and TEM , portable AFMs & STMs, optical metrology, micro and nano-manipulation systems, electrospinning and electrospraying equipment, as well as consumables and accessories for these instruments.

More information is available from the Nanoscience Instruments website:

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