MSC Releases Dytran 2019.0 for Simulation

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, March 15, 2019 – MSC Software Corp., a global technology leader in CAE simulation software and services, announced the release of the latest and most comprehensive version of Dytran, its explicit dynamics simulation software. In this latest version, 2019.0, a number of User Defined Services (UDS) are newly introduced as well as improvements to the user experience, software performance and robustness. In addition, for simulating fluid-structure interactions, Dytran now employs a fast coupling approach, plus to make it more user friendly, a fast coupling approach has been introduced into the software which allows user to use DMP capability when auto coupling is activated.

New and enhanced features in this release include:

  • User Defined Services (UDS): Dytran now supports UDS.
  • Automated Coupling Surface (ACS):
    • Dytran DMP can now be used when ACS is activated in a model.
    • The ACS coupling surface can now be allowed to ‘fail’. Once an element of the structure has failed, it will be removed from the calculation and the gap will be considered a hole in the coupling surface.
    • A number of robustness enhancements have been implemented.
  • Cohesive friction:
    • Cohesive friction can now be defined locally on a surface interface.
  • Dytran Explorer:
    • Queuing and scheduling have been added.
    • Processing of UDS services has been added.

Commenting on this release, Hugues Jeancolas, VP of product management at MSC Software said: “Our investment into Dytran continues with each release. In Dytran 2019.0 we have improved the overall user experience, code robustness, added feature enhancements, and enhanced fluid-structure interaction in line with our overall thrust towards real-world Multiphysics simulation”

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