MSC Nastran v2019.0 Released for FEA

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Jan 11, 2019 – MSC Software Corp., a global leader in simulation software and services, announced the release of MSC Nastran 2019.0.

Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis – Nonlinear Static Analysis – Nacelle Exhaust Nozzle

MSC Nastran is the world’s premier FEA solver that enables simulation of various multidisciplinary engineering problems for aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, manufacturing, and other high-tech industries.

As the computing technology improves, industry is leaning towards analyzing the real-world scenarios more accurately with the use of Finite Element Analysis by using more solid elements. In order to support these high fidelity models with large number of solid elements, MSC Nastran now provides smooth mesh transition between different shaped solid elements using the new Pyramid Elements.

Larger models require efficient model management. With the new technology called “Modules” in MSC Nastran, the model management now becomes very accessible.

Further, with advances in electric car manufacturing, and quieter electric motor engines, high frequency Noises and Vibrations are becoming more prominent, which makes these calculations exponentially more expensive. In MSC Nastran 2019.0 release, we are introducing a new FASTFR module that can significantly improve the speed of NVH computations up to 10x faster.

About MSC Software

MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC’s technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,400 professionals in 20 countries.

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