Monnit Announces ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter

Monnit Corp. announced the launch of the ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter. The wireless meter features a configurable frequency measurement range from 0.4 Hz to 4800 Hz (24 RPM to 288,000 RPM). This range enables the sensor to do everything from identifying abnormal vibrations in high-RPM machines to tracking seismic impact on bridges and buildings.

The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter (ALTA AVM) is a solution that uses an accelerometer to track vibration and frequency on three axes. The US-manufactured sensor captures data for vibration frequency and velocity, displacement or acceleration. The meter also has the ability to report duty cycle as well as temperature, providing metrics to protect important assets and operations.

The ALTA AVM provides granular tracking for a range of industrial applications and civil infrastructure. The application possibilities run the gamut from monitoring the performance of motors and smart materials in manufacturing facilities to monitoring the vibrations caused by the subtle sway of a bridge.


  • Machine health monitoring
    • Low crest factor values indicate vibration and good motor health
    • High values indicate the presence of potentially damaging harmonics or jarring forces
  • Configurable frequency range (examples)
    • As low as 25 SPS (0.6Hz to 9.375Hz)
    • As high as 12,800 SPS (300Hz to 4800Hz)
  • Adjustable reading intervals
  • Custom Rectangular, Hanning, or Flat Top window filters for enhanced data analysis
  • Temperature monitoring reporting in Celsius or Fahrenheit

For more information, visit Monnit website.

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