Modena to Sell Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series in Africa

DUBUQUE, IA, Oct 4, 2018 – Eagle Point Software Corp. announces that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Modena Consulting as the sole distributor of the Pinnacle Series in Africa.

With the combined vision to help their customers work more efficiently, Modena and Eagle Point are dedicated to bringing continuous learning, knowledge capture and sharing and increased productivity to design teams in Africa. The advancements of the Pinnacle Series platform over the last ten months has made this arrangement possible by transitioning to a browser interface, adding features such as work groups, offline content, user profiles, Autodesk plug-ins and more. Pinnacle Series also offers over 60 language translations, so companies can consume content in virtually any language, automatically. This applies to pre-loaded content as well as any custom content they may add to the platform.

“This partnership is exciting for us as we continue to expand our Pinnacle Series footprint internationally. The advancements we have made on our platform have allowed us to offer a continuous learning, knowledge capture and sharing and increased productivity platform to companies across the globe, regardless of language. We are thrilled to partner with Modena Consulting in bringing value and productivity to their clients,” said John Biver, Eagle Point Software president and CEO.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Eagle Point. We were looking for a platform to offer e-learning to our customers and what we have found in the Pinnacle Series is a complete Autodesk learning and productivity solution that exceeds all expectations. Our partnership with Eagle Point gives our new and existing clients access to a cutting-edge platform that offers countless solutions to challenges ranging from developing the best workflows, knowledge sharing and continuous learning,” said Craig Winter, training manager at Modena Consulting.

About Eagle Point Software

Since 1983, Eagle Point has been focused on increasing the productivity of its clients. Over the last 35 years their products have evolved but their focus has not changed. Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series is the most awarded productivity platform in the Autodesk ecosystem.

Pinnacle Series is a robust platform that provides personalized learning opportunities, acts as a hub to capture and share knowledge and keeps users productive by answering their questions as they go through their daily work.

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About Modena

The Modena Group of Companies have over 18 years of unique experience working with specialists in the field of design. Their industry and discipline-specific specialists utilize this accumulated experience and expertise to implement the most effective design processes, workflows, skills and technologies to best enhance their customers’ business. Modena has developed a series of focused solutions to address the challenges our customers face, every Modena customer is unique and treated as such. Modena has locations across South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.

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