ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler Introduced

BLACKSBURG, VA, Jan 17, 2019 – Phoenix Integration and PTC are pleased to announce the release of Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler.

ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler allows engineers to validate system behavior and performance using any software application:

  • Connect any software application to PTC Integrity Modeler’s system models:
    • COTS tools such as Excel, MATLAB, and Simulink
    • CAE Tools such as HyperWorks, NASTRAN, ABAQUS, and ANSYS
    • CAD Tools such as Creo, NX, CATIA v5, and SolidWorks
    • Legacy FORTRAN or C++ applications
    • Python, Java, and VB scripts
    • Databases and PDM/PLM solutions
    • Almost anything else
  • Run the connected simulation directly from PTC Integrity Modeler’s unique SySim:
    • Graphical functional co-simulation
    • Direct interaction with simulation parameters
    • Record simulation results with optional model import
  • Validate system behavior and performance early in the lifecycle
  • Close the simulation loop, comparing models with the real world

According to Hedley Apperly, vice president product management for PTC, “The integration of Integrity Modeler 9.0 and its SySim with ModelCenter gives our customers a unique and powerful ability to validate system behavior and performance early in the lifecycle using any executable model. This will help Integrity Modeler customers to reduce costs and design better products.”

Scott Ragon, director of technical business development for Phoenix Integration said, “We’re very pleased to partner with PTC to bring our ModelCenter MBSE integration technology to Integrity Modeler. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PTC and working with them to provide our customers with innovative modeling and simulation products.”

Click here to see ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler in action.

Download ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler and our Quickstart Guide here.

Attend our free Introductory Webinar on January 24. Click here to learn more and register.

ModelCenter MBSE for PTC Integrity Modeler is the first product to utilize Phoenix Integration’s next generation MBSE integration platform – ModelCenter MBSE. Stay tuned for more releases!

About Phoenix Integration

Phoenix Integration’s ModelCenter is the environment for Model Based Engineering. ModelCenter is a vendor-neutral software framework for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and enabling Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). It is used by leading organizations worldwide to reduce development costs, improve engineering efficiency, stimulate innovation, and design more competitive products. Successful applications can be found in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.

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About PTC

PTC is a global software company that delivers a technology platform and solutions to help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world.

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