Miralupa Launches InViz 3D Visualization App

Teams with MP Repro for first distribution agreement

Miralupa_logoMONTREAL, Canada, Dec 4, 2014 – Miralupa announced InViz, a new architectural application that transforms static 2D drawings into dynamic 3D representations. Utilizing InViz, residential and commercial project developers, pre-fabricated housing manufacturers, architects, city planners, and designers can easily convey the volume and space of a building to potential homebuyers and track their interest in construction plans leveraging advanced analytics. Available from Google Play and the App Store, InViz is exclusively distributed by MP Repro in Greater Montreal. InViz will be demonstrated in the MP Repro booth 747 at Construct Canada in Toronto, December 3-5, 2014.


Exploded view of a house seen through an intelligent mobile device using the InViz App. Allows consumers to see into a building and understand volume and space

“One of the key challenges that project developers and architects face is to effectively communicate the volume and space of a structure to their customers,” said Robert Young, chief executive officer, Miralupa. “InViz dramatically improves upon traditional 2D drawings by bringing an extra dimension to building plans. This powerful tool gives users in the architecture and construction world an advantage over the competition while creating a memorable and motivating experience for potential homebuyers.”

As customers use the Mobile App, developers build a profile of the clientele, their tastes and impressions. This allows the developer to better meet the desires of their clientele

With Miralupa’s InViz application, users can make instant predefined changes – on their cell phones or tablets – to building plans (e.g., remove a roof or ceiling, or select a different floor style) via soft-touch buttons. By providing potential homebuyers with a better understanding of what a structure will look like in the real world, InViz increases sales for residential and commercial project developers.

InViz provides users with valuable information and analytics about potential customers, including how many times the prospect has viewed a building plan, how long he/she spent looking at the plan, at what time of the day, on which days, and more. Aggregating data from all prospective customers, InViz allows developers to gain a better understanding of which plans are being viewed most often in order to identify trends and sell units more quickly. Data can also be used to control the release of new information about a building project to ensure it has a maximum sales impact.


Top down view of a condominium seen through an intelligent mobile device. Allows consumers to see into a Condo and understand volume and space.

“Miralupa’s InViz is a cutting-edge, eye-catching application that captures the interest of potential homebuyers in a way that has never been done before,” said Carmela Martinez, president, MP Repro. “We look forward to representing InViz at several upcoming tradeshows and increasing the app’s sales volume by harnessing our expertise in the architectural industry.”

About Miralupa

Miralupa offers state-of-the-art expertise in the latest augmented reality and mobile app development technologies for iOS and Android, Google Glass, and other brands. The science of Augmented Reality is to superimpose relevant data in the form of interactive 3D models and 2D information to the world around the viewer. Whether it involves wearing Augmented Reality glasses or using a handheld/mobile device, this advanced technology is used for industrial maintenance and training, for marketing and advertising purposes, or to enhance product communication.

For more information, please visit www.miralupa.com.

About MP Repro

Established in 1964 by Gaetano Martinez, MP Repro is an innovative company providing technical printing services to architects, engineers, urban planners, and designers for over 50 years. MP Repro offers a complete range of value-added printing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By combining unsurpassed industry know-how with best-in-class equipment, all-surface printing, anytime-anywhere delivery, a responsive and highly skilled team of professionals and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, MP Repro is a partner of choice for any printing endeavor. The family business employs 80 people and has its head office in Montreal and three other locations in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Laval, and Pointe-Claire.

For more information, please visit www.mprepro.com.

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