Microflex Introduces Pixel Signs PB Series Process Bar Displays

Microflex, LLC has introduced its Pixel Signs PB series process bar displays, to monitor process data. The signal towers were developed as an alternative to magnetic level indicators, which utilize floats and flipping magnetic flags to track a fluid level. Microflex’s electronic bar displays use multicolor LEDs to provide a highly configurable gauge that can be used to visualize almost any process data value.

PB displays scale and filter process values to fit a bar format at up to 1% resolution. Having two bars on the same display allows for comparing two values such as setpoint vs. measured value. Or, both bars may be used presenting a single value to maximize viewing distance. The vivid bar graph indicator uses high intensity red, green, and blue LEDs, which are perfect for dimly lit locations. The pixel shutter design makes the display viewable outdoors even in bright sunlight.

The process bar displays are configured using a Windows-based PC attached to the display USB port. Microflex offers a free download of the PB configurator app software on its website. The new type of bypass level indicators supports Modbus RTU protocol, RS-232 or RS-485, and include two analog ports for direct connections to sensors or loop transmitters. They may also be used to measure time intervals and count events. Digital inputs can be set to start, stop, pause, or reset the timers or counters.

For more information, visit Microflex website.

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