Merry Mechanization Updates Sheet Metal Geometry in SMP/IS

ENGLEWOOD, FL, Aug 21, 2017 – Merry Mechanization’s SMP/IS (Sheet Metal Program/Industry Standard) CAD/CAM application uses standard entities such as points, lines and arcs to create drawings that can be used for the fabrication of sheet metal parts. The sheet metal software can import designs or drawings, save drawings in different formats, call up part drawings from a library and export drawings to other applications. Once drawings are complete they can be input into the CAM program that controls CNC machines. The sheet metal geometry routine of SMP/IS is a powerful and versatile tool that helps save time and has the flexibility required for different sheet metal fabrication tasks.

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Design and Drawing

The SMP/IS Sheet Metal Geometry Solutions Routine (SM Geometry) has functions to facilitate the design and drawing process and efficiently create accurate CAM inputs. Initial steps can include the definition of points, the drawing of lines and arcs, the location of circles and adding notes. A CurveFit function lets designers connect points with arcs defined according to specific parameters. A Mirror function can flip part of a drawing around an axis. Holes can be located and sized and a Chamfer/Radius/Notch function can place industry-standard corner designs. A Trim/Extend function can trim or extend entities in both directions and a CleanUp function removes unnecessary lines. The geometry module features a user-friendly menu system for easy CAD drawing and editing.


SMP/IS can import industry-standard CAD files and export DXF and IGES files. Once created, the 2D flat designs can be imported into the 3D formed parts module to help create 3D formed part models. Add-ons let designers use translators to import SAT, DWG and SolidWorks files as well as a Font Outline Import function that converts fonts on the computer into lines and arcs, then allows users to place them on the sheet metal parts.

A Complete CAD/CAM Solution

With the updated sheet metal geometry functions, SMP/IS becomes an even more powerful solution for sheet metal fabricators wishing to automate their design and manufacturing processes. From creating simple geometric designs to uploading complete 3D formed part models into the CAM software, SMP/IS offers a seamless approach.

Designers can draw on simple geometric shapes, existing libraries of previous work, drawings or designs in other formats and characteristics created within the software to quickly and easily construct the part they need. The integrated CAM software of the SMP/IS application then issues the machine instructions to fabricate the part rapidly, accurately and with a minimum amount of waste. SMP/IS with advanced SM Geometry can help sheet metal fabricators reduce costs and improve productivity.

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